Ebrahim Rasool appointed as WCape elections head – ANC

Former Premier calls on those who left the ANC to come back for the 'campaign of your life'

ANC statement on the appointment of ANC Elections Head in Western Cape

23 April 2018 

The African National Congress Elections Head, Comrade Fikile Mbalula, today announced the appointment of Comrade Ebrahim Rasool as the ANC Western Cape Provincial Head of Elections. Comrade Rasool is a long serving member of the ANC having served as Western Cape provincial premier.

Under premier Comrade Rasool, the poor people of Western Cape came first, tangible improvements in people’s lives were evident.

“We are confident in the decision taken by the ANC.  Comrade Rasool will work with a team accountable to the leadership collective of the ANC in the Western Cape and ultimately, our National ANC leadership. People of the Western Cape have correctly said the DA has not attended to their cries. We cannot abandon our people in the face of such difficulties that have visited them. Our mandate is to win the trust their trust and govern the Western Cape,” Comrade Mbalula said.

Comrade Ebrahim Rasool expressed gratitude at the decision taken by the ANC.

“I do not take this task lightly, The ANC’s renewal comes at the same time as the DA is imploding. For those who left the ANC, we want them come back. We are calling you for the campaign of your life,” Comrade Rasool added.

Issued by Pule Mabe, National Spokesperson, ANC, 23 April 2018