I have the greatest confidence in Selebi - Mbeki

Text of letter from then President to Pieter Groenewald, MP, November 9 2006


November 9. 2006.

The Hon PJ. Groenowald. MP.
National Assembly,
Cape Town.

Dear Mr Groenewald,

Thank you for your letter dated 07 November 2006 in which you suggest that I appoint a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate what you refer to as various allegations (that) are at present being levelled against Comm. Jackie Selebi....

Up to now nobody within the state structures has informed me that there are any investigations affecting National Commissioner Selebi that are being conducted by anybody, including the DSO, (the Scorpions).

I am certain that if there was such an investigation, or such an investigation was contemplated, I would have been informed accordingly. In this regard. I must emphasise that if any of our law enforcement or intelligence agencies felt that they had information that justified such an investigation, I would encourage them to do their work without let or hindrance, in keeping with their legal mandate.

You have now requested that I appoint a Judicial Commission of Inquiry acting solely and exclusively on the basis of what in reality amounts to nothing more than rumour and speculation. I am certain that it would be very wrong and absolutely absurd for the President to constitute a Judicial Commission on this basis.

I have the greatest confidence in National Commissioner Selebi. I am certain that whatever the rumour mill is saying about him, he will continue to do his critically important work with the same diligence. dedication and selflessness he has shown ever since we appointed him as National Commissioner of the SAPS.

During the twelve years we have been in government we have seen a number of instances when rumour and speculation have been used to oblige our government to engage in fruitless activities that would only serve to give such rumours and speculation a longer lease of life. Consistently, we have refused to engage in such misguided activity.

Contrary to what you say in your letter, I have no doubt that both the public and members of the SAPS are both sensible and wise, and thus would never stop trusting the National Commissioner simply because some unknown people decided to spread negative rumours about him.

If at some point the people responsible for peddling the allegations against the National Commissioner of Police to which you refer in your letter provide me with credible information in this regard, I would take all necessary steps to ensure that the proper investigations are carried out.

In such a situation, I am absolutely certain that National Commissioner Selebi would be the first person to insist that the necessary conditions should be created to facilitate any investigation against him, including his suspension, if necessary.

I am convinced that it would be entirely wrong and absurd for the President to take the serious decision to appoint a Judicial Commission of Inquiry, acting merely on the basis of rumour and speculation.

Yours sincerely,


Source: Freedom Front Plus, August 3 2010

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