Ian Ollis declares candidacy for DA Gauteng leadership

MP to campaign on six party strategy for the party in the province

Synopsis of media briefing - Ian Ollis declares candidacy for DA Gauteng leadership

Post event communication - Please see below

Good morning,

Today, during a media briefing, held at The Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosebank, Ian Ollis MP, currently the Gauteng Provincial Vice Chairman, formally announced entering the race to be the next DA leader in Gauteng. The leader will be selected at a provincial congress of the party to be held on 10 March 2012.

Gauteng is the economic heartland of South Africa and is one of the largest sources of DA votes, and this election will determine who will lead the Gauteng DA into the 2014 elections.

Ollis unveiled the 6 parts to his strategy for the party that form the basis of his campaign. 

I have included each of the points as well as a short elaboration below for your use.

Kind regards,

Anton J van Rensburg

The Ian Ollis for Gauteng campaign:

Inspiring the young!

The youth are our future and also our present. This team has creative ideas and plans for re-energising and inspiring them. This includes the DA Young Professionals initiative, the DA Students' Organisation and young people looking for a political home. If elected Gauteng Provincial Leader I commit to listening carefully to the real needs of the young people of this province and to acting to help them.

DA Gauteng Development Academy

We intend to create a top-drawer political school so that our young party people are professional, confident, able to communicate and deliver with impact.

Enhance internal communications

We aim to lift our Gauteng internal communications capability and efficiency to best-practice levels. We will use multiple channels, including social media, to reach people through the avenues they prefer.

A voice for the voiceless

We're passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless. In our geographical constituencies we must raise the political needs of our constituents and make them a key part of the political discourse of the province and the country. Together we can engage and communicate the needs of our constituents much more effectively. I commit to putting in place the systems to do so.

Battleground Gauteng!

Shifting the political battleground to Gauteng must be the DA's top priority. It's time for the DA in Gauteng to stand centre-stage. We are the economic hub of South Africa and indeed Africa and I want that power to speak. We will bring the political fight to Gauteng!

Serving new communities

As DA Shadow Minister for Labour I have travelled this country from top to bottom and have spoken to countless people. I have a very good grasp of their concerns, needs and aspirations. I firmly believe that we can engagemany more new entrepreneurs, domestic workers and underpriviledged people than we have managed to so far and bring DA solutions to their problems.

Statement issued by Anton J van Rensburg on behalf of Ian Ollis' campaign, January 17 2012

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