I'm sorry - Jacob Zuma

President apologises for pain he's caused his family, the ANC, the country

President Jacob Zuma's statement on the impact of events of the past week, February 6 2010

I have over the past week taken time to consider and reflect on the issues relating to a relationship I had outside of wedlock.

The matter, though private, has been a subject of much public discussion and debate. It has put a lot of pressure on my family and my organisation, the African National Congress. I also acknowledge and understand the reaction of many South Africans.

I deeply regret the pain that I have caused to my family, the ANC, the Alliance and South Africans in general.

I reiterate that I took responsibility for my actions towards the family concerned and the child.

I reaffirm my commitment and that of my movement to the importance of the family as an institution. I also reaffirm my commitment and that of my movement to the values of personal responsibility, respect and dignity.

I recognise the responsibility of leaders to uphold and promote these values at all times.

Statement issued by the Presidency, Union Buildings, Pretoria, February 6 2010

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