Insensitive to label us Nazis – EFF

Fighters say comparison spits on the memory of one of humanities most painful era

EFF rejects the DA’s shallow and insensitive comparison of the EFF to Nazis 

10 November 2020

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejects with contempt and disgust the Democratic Alliance(DA) shallow likening of the EFF to Nazi's, and its comments that the EFF has no business at Brackenfell High School.

The comments. made on the party's website and Twitter Account. are particularly unfortunate in their timing, as the world remembers the horrors of Kristallnacht, on the 9th and 10th of November 1938, where one-hundred Jewish people were murdered by the Nazi regime, and tens of thousands of people were sent to concentration camps.

In the DA's desperation for relevance, and a desire to capture its lost white-voter base, they cheapen the memory of Kristallnacht and the painful memory of the Holocaust. The DA does this in order to stoke swaart-gevaar and to paint black people as a threat. It is an illogical comparison that spits on the memory of one of humanities most painful era.

More ironically. it is the DA's black leader. BonginkosiMadikizela who has been made to take the fall for what is essentially the regressive ideology of the DA. He was used to spew these hateful and insensitive comments, and then made to take responsibility for it.

The Democratic Alliance is returning to their Apartheid Party roots by not only invoking the swaart-gevaar rhetoric but defending a 'slegs-blanke' style party by white pupils and white parents at Brackenfell High School. They affirm their support of racial segregation by saying the EFF has no business in conducting a peaceful protest in Brackenfell.

The EFF is a political party that believes in a South Africa that does not live in racist silos. We will not stand by silently when Section 9 of the Constitution is trampled on, by people who believe that having a white-only event, under the banner of a public school in our democracy can be recognised as a private event.

It is the business of the EFF to ensure that the spirit and the mandate of the Constitution are upheld in South Africa. Whites only events occurring within our Basic Education Sector, will not be tolerated. and the likes of Western Cape Basic Education MEC Debbie Schaffer must be condemned for suggesting that such is acceptable.

The EFF is a party that will side with the downtrodden and abused and will not be dictated to by a party that has committed itself to defend and to promote white supremacy and justifying violent acts by white communities.

Perhaps the DA should concern itself with images ascribed to the high school, that glorify Hitler and praise a blonde head boy and head girl if they would like to condemn Nazi's. It must also be noted that in both Senekal and Brackenfell, the DA has not pursued any legal action against perpetrators of violence, who have unleashed firearms. physically assaulted police and protesters who were peacefully practising their constitutional rights. The DA has committed itself to pursue frivolous cases against black people in order to get approval from right-wingers.

The DA, facing a drop in support across South Africa, has chosen to return to its party roots with a focus on a white-is-right approach. They are welcome to be led in that direction by Helen Zille and John Steenhuisen, who purge black leaders that do not do their dirty and insultive work, like the lapdog BonginkosiMadikizela.

The EFF calls on South Africans to continue to reject the DA, particularly on the ballot. We are yet to see the worst of their regression to the right, as they compete with Afriforum and FF+ to capture the white vote. We will not be told by the DA where we can and cannot protest, and we encourage them to continue their disturbing free-fall into the gutters of insignificance.

Issued by EFF, 10 November 2020