Keep Cape Town blue! - Patricia de Lille

Mayoral candidate says if the constitution doesn’t matter to you, then the ANC and its president Jacob Zuma are waiting for you

Keep Making Progress, Keep Cape Town Blue, Vote DA!

17 April 2016

Note to Editors: This speech was delivered by Patricia De Lille, at the Launch of the Cape Town Mayoral Campaign in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town today.

Good day, goeie dag, molweni, as-salaam alaikum, theshalom,

I feel humbled to share the stage today with Mmusi Maimane, the next president of South Africa.

It’s good to see this sea of blue shirts in front of me.

Blue t-shirts for a blue city- a Cape Town led by the DA.

And you’ve come from all over the province to be with me today- from the metro region, the east region, and the west region!

And I’m proud to be here in Tafelsig, not so far from where I made my home with my husband and family here in Mitchell’s Plain many years ago.

I feel the energy of those days here in this hall today.

It’s a positive energy.

It’s the energy of people who want to live in a better world.

It’s an energy that wants a better South Africa for us and our families.

It’s the energy that lives in the DA and our members today.

It wasn’t always like that though.

There were people and leaders who didn’t want us to unite for a New South Africa.

Those people are still around today.

They are working hard to divide us as white, coloured, Indian, and black people.

I am here today to tell you that they will not succeed- not as long as the DA is around.

Look around you.

We have every type of South African in this hall today.

Our most important colour is blue.

And that is because, under the DA, Cape Town is a living example of what is possible with the right government in power.

A government that cares.

‘n Regering wat omgee.

A government that listens.

‘n Regering wat luister.

A DA government.

‘n DA-regering.

uRhulumente weDA

We have led this city now for ten years.

Ten years of the blue machine.

In the first five years we had Helen Zille and Dan Plato- true democrats who began fixing the mess they found.

And I have been privileged to serve for 5 years as your mayor.

Five years ago, I asked you to lend me your vote in order to build the city on five pillars: the opportunity city; the safe city; the caring city; the inclusive city; and the well-run city.

We have made a lot of progress in that time.

I told you that we would build a world-class public transportation system.

Today, the MyCiti buses run from Atlantis to Hout Bay; from Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha to the CBD.

I told you that we would provide job opportunities.

The DA wants everyone in this country to have a job.

Die DA wil seker maak dat almal in hierdie land werk het.

Today, Cape Town’s economy has the lowest level of unemployment in the country and we have created over 35 000 Expanded Public Works Programme job opportunities on average per year.

I told you that we would work for safer communities.

The DA wants everyone to feel safe in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, and in their communities.

Our anti-gang and drug units have been taking the fight against crime to our streets- if we have control of the South African Police Service we could have done even more.

I told you that we would build inclusive communities.

The DA believes that this country belongs to all who live in it, united in their diversity.

We led the most inclusive naming and renaming campaign, honouring people like Tata Madiba, Robert Sobukwe, Helen Suzman, FW De Klerk, and Steve Biko.

We were the first city in the country to lead an anti-racism campaign under the banner ‘Don’t let racists speak for you.’

I said that we would make a better life for the poor.

The DA wants everyone to have a fair chance in life.

Die DA wil seker maak dat almal ‘n regverdige kans in die lewe het.

We have given the highest level of free services in the country to help those who need it the most.

I said that we would improve services to informal settlements and backyarders in public housing.

The DA wants people to live with dignity.

Die DA wil toesien dat almal ‘n waardige lewe het.

The projects are underway in many backyard communities and we have been electrifying informal settlements.

I told you that we would run a clean government.

The DA will not stand for corruption.

Die DA sal nie korrupsie duld nie.

We have just received our third clean audit in a row in the City.

I told you that we would make sure we offered the highest standard of basic services.

The DA believes that the public should get what it pays for.

In Cape Town, the DA has been building the foundation of a state that works for its residents, not against them.

In Cape Town, the people know that the DA is responsible to them because the DA governs its citizens democratically- it doesn’t rule over its subjects.

In Cape Town, the voters are in charge.

In Kaapstad is die kiesers in beheer.

The DA is for democrats and those who believe in upholding the constitution.

The DA believes in our constitutional values of freedom, fairness, and opportunity.

If you don’t believe in these values, if the constitution doesn’t matter to you, then the ANC and its president Jacob Zuma are waiting for you.

In Cape Town, the DA stands for progress.

If you vote for us, we want to continue to govern for all because there is still so much work to do.

As mayor, I have constantly met with communities to understand their needs and help them.

And when I was nominated by the DA to stand for mayor again, I asked people what they wanted over the next five years.

Ernest Maritz told me that he wants help in rolling out his substance-abuse programme in his community.

Ernest, if I am mayor again, we will give you the space you need.

It will be part of an ongoing campaign to tackle drug and alcohol abuse in our communities through prevention and treatment interventions.

Gloria Arendse told me she needs help with accommodation.

Gloria, if I am elected we will ensure that we will roll-out our new approach to public housing to meet the demand in this city.

Michael Dumbe asked for help in getting land from the City- he needs it to build in his community.

Michael, under a new DA administration, I commit that we will be using our assets and property to unlock economic and social development.

Patrick Mthunyana wants better engagement from government regarding services and subsidies.

Patrick, if elected, I will lead a programme to improve the way government provides its services, always emphasising that the individual’s needs come first- not the government’s.

I have heard so many voices and so many requests.

Let me tell you that I have listened.

En ek het geluister.


The DA has listened.

Die DA het geluister.

iDA ibimamele

And the DA will act.

En die DA sal optree.

If you lend us your vote, we will continue to make progress building an opportunity city, a safe city, a caring city, an inclusive city, and a well-run city.

We will take Cape Town further on its journey towards building a new South Africa- a South Africa that understand its past, that strives for reconciliation through redress, and works tirelessly to build a better South Africa.

A South Africa led by the DA.

Since Jacob Zuma and ANC betrayed South Africa’s people and its constitution, people ask me what we can do to fix this country.

For a start, we can send Mmusi Maimane to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

To national government!

Your vote can help the blue machine change this country.

But for a start, your vote can help us continue making progress here in Cape Town under the DA.

Five years ago, I asked you to lend me your vote and judge me at the end of that time.

I stand before you today with my record, the DA’s record, as my pledge that a new DA government can deliver and will continue to deliver for you and everyone in this city.

Over the coming weeks, I will be putting the DA’s plan for Cape Town to you, the voters, in our manifesto.

That plan will contain the details of what the DA will do to continue the march of progress- the march to a better future.

Thank you for listening and thank you for standing with me.

Thank you to the 27 000 city employees for delivering the best services in South Africa, and also, a special thank you to my Mayoral staff.

Dankie dat julle na my geluister het, en dat julle saam met my staan.

Enkosi Kakhulu.

Because today is not just about the next mayor.

Today is about you, your families, and your future and the choices we must all make for our democracy and our society.

On August 3, Election Day, let’s keep Cape Town blue.

Op 3 Augustus, op Stemdag, laat ons seker maak dat Kaapstad blou bly.

Vote DA.

Stem DA.

Votela iDA

Thank you.



Issued by the DA, 17 April 2016