Lamont judgment regrettable - SACP

Party notes Equality Court ruling on matter brought by rightwing fanatics


The SACP notes the ruling by the Equality court today on the matter brought in front of it by rightwing fanatics who are hell bent to rewrite the history of our country and the struggle for liberation of the people. The SACP finds it quite regrettable that the honourable judge ruled that the words of the song constituted hate speech.

This ruling will squarely fit into part and parcel of the ongoing process in society to rewrite the history of our country and erase from our collective memory the fact that the history of our people is a history of struggle against colonial conquest. This is a very regrettable and indeed saddening development in society.

What we also find disturbing as the SACP is the attempt to associate a struggle song with certain personalities in the movement. The ruling is not a ruling against Cde Malema but against the collective rich history of the liberation movement.

The SACP hopes the ANC will decide to appeal this ruling.

Statement issued by the SACP, September 12 2011

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