Let us crush white arrogance - Julius Malema

EFF leader says this thing of just being scared of White people and Indians, must stop

The following is a transcript of the EFF Twitter account’s record of Julius Malema’s remarks to a press conference on the party’s Plenum, Sunday, 9 February 2020

The Central Command Team of the EFF convened a Plenum over the past five days from 05-09 February 2020 here in Centurion, Tshwane.

The Plenum started with the first meeting of CCT on the first day, then included delegates from Provincial Command Teams and Regional Command Teams on the remaining days.

The purpose of this Plenum was to process resolutions of the Second National Peoples’ Assembly and plan for the year ahead. We have declared 2020 The Year of Action Against Racist Financial Sector. Accordingly, the following are the key outcomes:

We have resolved to Co-opt fighter Godrich Gardee into the Central Command Team effective immediately. Godrich Gardee is a former Secretary General and commissar and will continue to serve in the CCT.

President and CIC: Gauteng and Limopo

Deputy President—Eastern Cape and Free State

The Officials have been deployed in the following way

Secretary General—KwaZulu Natal and Western Cape

Treasurer General—Mpumalanga

National Chair—North West

Deputy Secretary General—Northern Cape

The following commissars have been elected to serve in the War Council, which is a structure responsible for the day to day operations of the EFF, and have also been deployed in provinces as heads of CCT deployees: Names will be provided.

As per 2nd NPA resolutions, the SG and the DSGwill both serve in the EFF Head Office on full-time basis. The Treasurer General will put full systems in the HQ and will only be recalled from political deployment at a later stage.

Accordingly, all Provincial Secretaries have been recalled from Provincial Legislatures effective from 01 June, 2020 to serve full time in the Provincial Offices as per the EFF constitution.

Working with the EFF Students Command we shall build EFF SC branches in all institutions of higher learning. In the same spirit, we shall fully support their #Sizofundangenkane Campaign seeking to make sure that the doors of learning are open to all.

We call on institutions of higher learning never to turn any student back because of money or financial problems.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has not recorded a single victory or achievement since his election into president when Jacob Zuma was removed.

Under his watch the economy is contrasting, recording some of the highest unemployment rates in the world; with over 50% of the youth effectively out of work.

His government is dismantling and destabilising State-Owned Enterprises which are a people’s property in order to justify privatisation and mass retrenchment of workers.

In essence, he is effectively enabling white monopoly capital to take over SOEs and restrict the role of the state in the economy and industrial development in general.

This is a reversal of the 1994 gains where the interests of the white minority reigned supreme over the interests of the black majority.

The problems of Eskom have worsened under the incompetent and seemingly untouchable Pravin Gordhan. South Africa, the largest economy in the continent, has power cuts everyday disrupting all social and economic life.

Yet, there are no consequences on Gordhan who is the minister responsible for this crisis. There are as many power cuts in a day as there are blinks of an eye.

Even the scheduled stages of load shedding are no longer reliable and no one can even plan around them anymore.

The SAA is also facing collapse. We must all read the announcement for the closure of the Durban route as effectively the end of SAA as an airline for black people. This is because Durban is the holiday destination for the majority of black people.

All the appointments made in these SOEs are worsening the crisis in order to justify privatisation and mass retrenchment of workers.

Three SONA’s later, the Ramaphosa government is still proving completely incapable of governing; it is well on the way to become a mere executive for the management of the common affairs of the white bourgeoisie.

Ramaphosa projects himself as consultative and accessible by always meeting with Political party leaders, not because he values their input, but in an attempt to neutralise the opposition.

The CCT has therefore taken the decision that no EFF leader must ever meet Ramaphosa or any of the captains of industry in private. In addition, if the State of the Nation Address is to be peaceful, Ramaphosa must do the honourable thing and fire Gordhan

This is now long overdue, accountability means there must be political consequences to incompetence. Gordhan must go before he runs down all the assets of the state and the people of South Africa.

Most painfully, under his watch black executives in key state institutions are being vilified, projected as incompetent and corrupt, then replaced with racial minorities; which is the greatest statement of no confidence in African leadership.

We will, therefore, march to the Public Enterprises Offices in Pretoria to demand Pravin Gordhan to resign.

We also call of De Klerk to stay away from SONA and return the Nobel Peace Prize because he has proven to be an unrepentant apartheid apologist.

We will not share a democratic parliament space with an apartheid apologist who says apartheid is not a crime against humanity.

The world must know that the final president of the murderous racist apartheid regime has told black people that apartheid was not a crime against their humanity;

such a man should be tried for the crimes of apartheid, isolated from society so that his toxic views can rot his evil soul in prison.

The land must be expropriated without compensation, be placed under the collective custodianship of the democratic state just like it is with mineral and petroleum resources through the MPRDA.

Minorities are not held accountable. The country had agreed that it was Pravin and Mabuza that misled the country and yet, it is the black man who is gone and Pravin remains. Cyril has handed back the country to white people.

Bidvest is doing everything, why? And you don't call that corruption. If it was a black man, doing what Bidvest is doing then that man would have been declared corrupt. But because it is a white man, then there is no problem, it's allowed.

We are being controlled by whites here. Even the little political freedom we got in 1994, Cyril has handed it back to the whites.

No leader of the EFF will have a private meeting with Cyril. No leader of the EFF will have a meeting with the captains of the industries. Leaders of the EFF should be on the ground with our people.

We are just making the people, in talks with Mashaba, aware that we know about these talks.

Mmusi was removed because he asked the BOSASA question to Ramaphosa. The DA is working with Ramaphosa because the white man is the one running the country. That is why the DA is not fighting with Ramaphosa.

We are saying we are going to submit names for the process to start. We are not going to join the PP's case, where she is taking Parliament to court.

We want Ramaphosa to reduce unemployment, to grow the economy, to allow Africans to participate in the economy, to remove Pravin, to leave SOE's alone (they belong to the people of South Africa).

This thing of just being scared of White people and Indians, must stop. The confidence and arrogance of white supremacists now, you can even touch with your own hands. We are not going to allow that.

DA was together with us when we took Zuma to court. Where are they now that we have taken Cyril to court? Where are they now to demand that the documents be unsealed? They work with Ramaphosa, hence they are silent.

We call on all NGO's and organisations to demand that the documents be unsealed. Media should be the ones unearthing issues and informi9ng the public, yet media is part of the cover-up.

You are protecting Ramaphosa and you are setting the wrong precedent for this democracy. We will not sit back and allow that nonsense, it ends today.

In Tshwane, we want the mayorship. If you are not voting with us then we are not voting with you. We said this about Johannesburg and it is exactly what we will do in Tshwane.

We gave ANC the option that when they take the executive, we must take the legislature and when we take the executive, they take the legislature, why? So, we can hold each other accountable because we cannot be a part of a criminal arrangement. They refused.

We will not support ATM's motion of no confidence, they did not even speak to us.

We will hold Ramaphosa accountable, we will not be hijacked by opportunism or corrupt elements.

It's going to be a very interesting year. We will go to Fireblade and take on WMC head-on. These criminals use Fireblade to leave the country with our resources.

We want Rupert to hand over the land. Every factory, every farm, that is known to be Rupert or Oppenheimer will be visited this year. We must tell Investec to leave the politics of this country in the hands of the politicians of this country.

We must challenge the racist institutions, in such a way that they know that they have no power. Let the power of the masses be felt by these racists. Lets us crush white arrogance.