Supra Mahumapelo must step down or be recalled – SACP NWest

Party worried by and strongly condemns acts of vandalism, torching of public and individual property

SACP in North West remains resolute that Mahumapelo must step down or be recalled, is worried by and strongly condemns acts of vandalism, torching of public and individual property and the obstruction of medical professionals from performing their work 

25 April 2018

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Province of Moses Kotane strongly condemns incidents of looting, vandalism and torching of public and individual property. The right to life is fundamental. No person must engage in any form of conduct whatsoever to expose other people’s right to life to any form of danger. In particular, medical professionals must not be prevented from entering our hospitals and clinics to see their patients and perform their work to save their lives.

The SACP is therefore unequivocally calling on communities to isolate the entryist elements that are hell-bent in infiltrating democratic action and turning it into a platform to loot, vandalise and torch properties, destroy public infrastructure and prevent medical professionals from performing their work to save lives.  The SACP is further calling on the working class and all community based formations, including non-governmental and faith-based organisations and progressive forces to work together to provide democratic leadership in the situation that the province is faced with.

The SACP is particularly concerned with the hijacking of working class struggles including the democratic protest action that started in Mahikeng, and which has now extended to other areas, by entryst elements and forces that are pursuing their own agendas – to the detriment of the genuine demand by communities for the North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo to step down or be recalled. The SACP is deeply worried by the incidents of looting that have occurred in different areas of the province. The looting diverts attention from the real issues. It is nothing other than theft. This must not be allowed to have any place in our society. Criminal conduct undermines the values underpinning the foundation and development of our democracy, human rights and ubuntu/botho – human virtues.

The negative impact of looting is also felt by the working class and poor households. Communities that have experienced incidents of looting are struggling to get basic food and access to other household requirements. Established big business is also making matters worse by exploiting this situation including by unscrupulous means.

The looting has in most cases been accompanied by vandalism, affecting both public and individual properties. This includes attempts at torching such properties. All these incidents and their exploitation do not contribute to the realisation of community demands. They can be described as a drawback in community development. Looting and destruction of public and individual properties and infrastructure are regressive, counter-reproductive and delaying tactics that that divert attention away from the genuine demands of the people. The opponents of our anti-corruption efforts, people like the so-called “Hands-off Supra Mahumapelo” brigades are exploiting these incidents to pursue their anti-working class offensives.

Issued by Madoda Sambatha, Provincial Secretary, SACP Moses Kotane Province, 25 April 2018