Malema inciting racial hatred - Pieter Groenewald

FF Plus MP says the EFF leader suggested that a time will come when he'll call for black people to kill white people

Malema inciting racial hatred

Julius Malema is busy inciting racial hatred with his comments about land, which he made today in Newcastle after his court appearance, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, chairperson of the FF Plus, said.

By encouraging people to occupy land illegally, Malema is making himself as guilty as those who trespass and contravene the laws of the country, Dr. Groenewald says.

 “The oaths and solemn affirmations of parliamentarians (Schedule 2 of the Constitution) clearly stipulate that members of parliament undertake to do the following: ‘obey, respect and uphold the Constitution and all other law of the Republic’.

 “There is no doubt that Malema is breaking this oath or affirmation through his incitement.

 “Malema’s comment today which reads: ‘we are not calling for the slaughtering of whites, at least not for now’, is hate speech and with this Malema says that a time will come that he will be asking black people to murder white people.

 “This is racial hatred and creates the potential for civil war in South Africa. Malema and the EFF should take note that white landowners will not just meekly sit and watch how their land is occupied and taken away.

 “In the end, Malema will have to take full responsibility for the conflict that he is busy stoking about land in South Africa. White landowners worked for their property and legally acquired it and are therefore entitled to their property,” Dr. Groenewald said.

Statement issued by Dr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus Chairperson, 7 November 2016