Malema's "shoot the farmers" call dangerous - AfriForum Youth

Ernst Roets says six farmers have been killed in Limpopo in past month


AfriForum Youth today announced that it is going submit a complaint against Julius Malema to the Equality Court in Johannesburg.  The complaint follows after Malema sang the song "dubulu iBhunu" ("Shoot the farmers") at at least two occasions this past week.

Malema sang the song last week during his birthday party in Limpopo, as well as yesterday afternoon at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).  In Limpopo, Malema said that he had invoked the spirit of the late Peter Mokaba, who was known for his slogan "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer".

AfriForum Youth's National Chairperson, Ernst Roets, said that they had consulted with their legal team this morning and that the documentation for the submission of the complaint would be finalised today.

"Julius Malema has become the biggest embarrassment of not only the youth, but also of the country.  In Limpopo, which is one of the places where Malema has sung this song, six farmers have been murdered in the past month.

There is no way in which you can dismiss the song as something that simply has to be viewed in a political context and that doesn't have any real consequences."

The exact time for the submission of the complaint will be announced in due course.

Statement issued by Ernst Roets, national chairperson AfriForum Youth, March 10 2010

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