Mangaliso Matika clings to power in Sol Plaatje Local Municipality – DA NCape

Andrew Louw says mayor has refused to vacate office despite success of vote of no confidence

Matika holds onto power while the people call for change

31 July 2018

Today, I will be in the Northern Cape High Court to follow proceedings after I made submissions yesterday asking the court to uphold the outcome of last week’s DA-sponsored  motion of no confidence, which unseated Mangaliso Matika as Executive Mayor of the Sol Plaatje Local Municipality.

Matika’s refusal to abide by the outcome of the motion of no confidence shows that he has no interest in the people of Sol Plaatje, his priority is to hang onto power while the people suffer and his faction fuel the fires of discontent.

The ANC failed the residents of Sol Plaatje when it stood by and watched while Matika and his hangers on collapsed the municipality, and it is failing them again by allowing him to unlawfully hang on to power.

While the DA acknowledges the residents disaffection at the poor management of the municipality and the refusal by failed Mayor, Matika, to vacate office despite a vote of no confidence against his leadership in council, we do not condone any disruptions that affect our children’s education or threatens other resident’s safety.

Events of the past few days have made it clear that Sol Plaatje does not have a Matika problem but an ANC problem. The protests are a clear collective voice by residents making it clear that they are ready for change that delivers.

It is simply inconceivable for Sol Plaatjie municipality to expect residents to continue paying high tariffs while the quality of service delivery keeps declining on a daily basis.

By spearheading a successful motion of no confidence in Matika, the DA has given the residents of Sol Plaatje and the Northern Cape enough reason to believe that change is within reach. In 2019, they will have an opportunity to elect a DA government that will prioritise their welfare and efficient management of public finances.

The people of Sol Plaatje and the Northern Cape deserve a government that always puts them first.

Issued by Andrew LouwDA Northern Cape Provincial Leader, 31 July 2018