MONC in Mayor of Ekurhuleni rooted in a fear – EFF

Fighters say governance characterised by stabilising of finances and massive service delivery has come to an end

EFF statement following the removal of the Mayor of Ekurhuleni and dissolution of the Mayoral Committee

28 March 2024

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has noted the vote in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, which occurred today during the Municipal Council meeting, and resulted in the removal of the Mayor Sivuyile Ngodwana.

The motion of no confidence in Mayor Ngodwana, essentially means that the Mayoral Committee appointed by Ngodwana is subsequently dissolved, a cabinet that had five (5) MMC's from the EFF and five (5) MMC's from the ANC.

The vote is of consequence to the EFF and the people of Ekurhuleni, as it essentially means that governance that was characterised by the stabilising of finances and massive service delivery at the behest of the EFF has come to an end.

At the centre of the vote of no confidence in the Mayor of Ekurhuleni is not any failure by him to preside over the City, but rather is rooted in a fear by the ANC that the EFF has continued to outshine them in service delivery initiatives ahead of the 2024 National and Provincial Elections.

Although the motion was brought by a political non-factor in the City, it gained support from an ANC-caucus through its decision to abstain, an ANC caucus that has for a long period of time lamented internally that due to the EFF delivering services to the people of Ekurhuleni, they are not finding expression in communities and are now unable to practice the patronage and corruption in Ekurhuleni they had been accustomed to.

The EFF, therefore, wishes to inform the people of Ekurhuleni and South Africa that the ANC has championed the dissolution of the Mayoral Committee as their primary objective, because they would rather our people suffer than receive services from an EFF government.

The track record of the EFF in Ekurhuleni is commendable and our deployees never had any desire for power, but sought only to ensure that our people have a stable and people-orientated municipality.

Under the leadership of the EFF, the following MMC portfolios delivered the following.

a) MMC for Finance and ICT — Nkululeko Dunga:

Amended the indigent policy in the city, writing-off and scrapping of debts amounting to 10 billion rands for those who cannot afford to pay. Additionally, the threshold for indigent beneficiaries was increased from R250,000 to R500,000, encompassing an additional 200,000 households in the indigent register, giving them access to free basic services.

Launched Operation Siyacima Manje Namhlanje, a campaign to recuperated the city's 14 billion rand debt owed by businesses, which resulted in surplus cash for the city surged from 350 million rand in January 2023 to 890 million rand in January 2024.

Achieved a consistent over 90% collection rate in the city, ensuring that the budget remains funded.

In an effort to create a safe and smart city, the EFF administration rolled out an extensive network of surveillance cameras, totalling 750 across Ekurhuleni.

Introduced motion technology in electricity cables to combat cable theft, safeguarding critical infrastructure, and reducing service disruptions.

Establishment Safe City Command Centre facilitates with real-time surveillance of crime hotspots, enhancing public safety and security. Installed 70 kilometres of fibre optic cables and erected 80 public Wi-Fi nodes across the city,ensuring access to affordable and accelerated internet services, bridging the digital divide, and empowering residents with online connectivity.

Introduced digitisation and online billing initiatives to streamline service delivery and enhance customer experience. The introduction of WhatsApp for Business enables citizens to easily report incidents, download bills, and submit meter readings, eliminating bureaucratic hurdles and promoting efficiency.

b) MMC for Environment and Waste Management — Leshaka Manamela:

The department conducted comprehensive site inspections to assess the condition of the city's lakes and dams. This proactive approach allowed for a thorough evaluation of the ecological health of these vital water bodies, laying the groundwork for targeted conservation efforts.

Clean-up operations were conducted in Vosloorus, Thokoza, and Tsakane resulting in the removal of illegal dumping sites, mitigating environmental hazards.

Launching of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) aimed at cleaning water bodies affected by invasive species like water hyacinth, provided temporary employment to over 250 young people, contributing to both environmental sustainability and socioeconomic development. The department hosted the OxFam Programme, a comprehensive study that was conducted on the City of Ekurhuleni's Waste Division. Through collaborative presentations and discussions, all participating parties exchanged valuable insights and ideas on addressing waste management challenges to promote environmental sustainability on a broader scale.

c) MMC for Infrastructure Services and Real Estate - Kgopelo Hollo:

Handed over property lease agreements for business and social purposes to successful applicants as part of the MMC's program to reducethe backlog of lease applications. The process sawthe City increasing its revenue.

Liaised with telecommunication companies to discuss the illegal Cell Masts around the City andcollected arrears the companies owed on their Cell Masts Network connections, which totalled overR1.5 million rand in revenue.

Leased 220 hectares to 11 IPP's for Solar Energy production in order to generate 91 MW into the City grid and address the loadshedding crisis.

Extended the City's real estate maintenance programme on the City's properties by rebuilding the Alberton licensing department.

d) MMC for Community Services: Health and Social Development; and SHRAC — Bridget Thusi:
Hosted a SAFA Football Youth Tournament, and theDuduza Women's Month Jnr Netball Tournament.

Raised funds for literacy programmes, with the implementation of 242 library programmes.

Held several health campaigns which include the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases, cerebral palsy awareness fun walk, breast cancer awareness events, prostate cancer awareness campaigns, as well as sex workersoutreach programmes. Several GBV awareness campaigns were also held, with support being given to several victims at court sessions, and a total of 1662 people reached in partnership with stakeholders in the GBV space.

After several disasters the MMC provided the support necessary: the Boksburg gas explosion, shack fire in Angelo informal settlement and attended to the spaza shop incident in Katlehongwhere 3 children died after ingesting something; as well as site visits to schools and clinics whenever complaints were raised by students or community members.

Reduced vertical transmission of HIV from mother to child through the PMTCT programme at all primary health clinic, exceeding the intended targets due to effective implementation.

Raised the number of registered indigents to 1819, and approved the new and improved Electronic Indigent Management System.

Improved households air quality/noise pollutionthrough implementation of continuous informal education and awareness by Environmental Health Practitioners (EHPs).

Conducted behaviour change programmes directed at youth development with several stakeholders that reached over 1400 15—35-year- olds within the municipality.

Employed of 21 Social Workers on the Ekurhuleni Public Employment Programme, as well as interns,thus the delivery capacity was significantly increased.

Initiated 7 453 patients into Antiretroviral Therapy due to effective implementation of the Universal Test and Treat (UTT) & 90-90- 90 Strategycampaigns.

Provided 38 informal settlements with baiting interventions for rodent control, and a total of 13 informal settlements were provided with SRAC interim basic services including Sakhile Mngadil ,2,3, Daggafontein informal settlement, Freedom Square, Gugulethu Everest, Hollywood Heights, Montie - Kananal ,2 and Ara Park.

The following events were successfully executed in the community: Soul Train Picnic, Heritage Day pop up craft and design market, IshashalaziPerformance Platform, Born to Read, Raise a Reader and the following: Mandela Day, Women's Day, Heritage day.

e) MMC for Water, Sanitation and Energy - Thembi Msane:

Upgraded the Diens Street Substation, laying the groundwork for integrating renewable energy sources, diversifying our energy supply, and reducing dependence on traditional power sources.

Officially switched on electricity in Ramaphosa and Tokyo informal settlements, aimed at preventing criminality the reduction of accidentalelectrocutions.

Commissioned Cossins Reservoir in Boksburg, contributing to ensuring a future where every citizen has access to a basic water supply.

The department won 2 awards, becoming one of approximately 8 entities that have achieved the Blue Drop certification in terms of the quality of water delivered.

Launched operation #SiyakhucululaManjeNamhlanje campaign aimed at eradicating sewerage spillages and alleviatinghealth hazards across Ekurhuleni.

Launched back up generators at all reservoirs and water towers to provide uninterrupted water supply during load shedding.

The above five EFF MMC's executed their mandates to the best of their abilities and the EFF remains proud and inspired by their efforts. Our MMC deployees can leave their portfolios and return to their ordinary duties as councillors, with pride that they serviced the people of Ekurhuleni and showed the possibilities of an EFF government, which will be ushered into power after the 29th of May 2024. Considering the bad faith and clear disregard of service delivery in favour of political expediency by the ANC in Ekurhuleni, the EFF will apply its mind and reflect on all the co-governance arrangements in various municipalities across South Africa.

These considerations will apply in particular to the Johannesburg Muncipality, eThekwini Municipality, Nelson Mandela Municipality, and Mogale City Municipality.

As we head into a decisive election that will change the political landscape in South Africa, it may be of interest for all municipalities to be constituted differently, to align with the inevitable total removal of the ANC from political power.

Let us all go out in our numbers and Vote EFF on the 29th of May 2024 for Land and Jobs Now! And to Stop Loadshedding

Issued by Sinawo Thambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 2 April 2024