MWASA welcomes details of Sekunjalo Independent Media consortium

Tuwani Gumani says decision to over 10% to staff will revolutionise labour relations in media sector


MWASA warmly welcomes the announcement of the details of the Sekunjalo Independent Media consortium and funding partners. We also welcome the 10% stake offered to staff, a decision we believe will revolutionise labour relations in the media sector.

MWASA' primary responsibility towards its members is ensuring security of employment and improvement of material, economic and social conditions. We believe this change of ownership which includes staff participation will enhance the status of delivery by MWASA on these aspects of its mandate.

Sustainable job security and prevention of occupational detriment is only possible if SIM indeed bucks the current media divestment trends and expands the operations of the company.

MWASA welcomes this offer to empower all staff and looks forward to further formal engagements to determine logistical and operational arrangements for the participation of staff in the direction of the new company.

MWASA remains alive to genuine concerns of compromised standards, suspect committment to professionalism and unethical journalism, lack of editorial independence, a depressed economy, technological challenges and the need to put South Africans first.

It is our belief that the media needs reforms in many respects including in terms ownership structures, promotion of diversity of views, improvement media-product quality and making relevant the role of the media in developmental programmes both locally and continentally.

We look forward to meeting the challenges and opportunities this announcement presents.

We congratulate Dr Surve and the SIM consortium on this watershed achievement.

Statement issued by MWASA General Secretary Mr. Tuwani Gumani, June 21 2013

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