New strategy for party fund raising – ANC

Party says this is in response to the new Political Party Funding Act requirements

ANC statement on crowd funding campaign

30 August 2021

The African National Congress has launched a new strategy for fund raising that is responsive to the Political Party Funding Act requirements. The crowd funding is aimed at mobilising ANC members and supporters to participate in funding ANC programmes and activities.

The ANC Crowdfunding came into effect on 12 August 2021 to encourage ANC members and suppiorters to rnake a contribution into a centralised and single account. We are hopeful that the plan .11 generate active interest in the sustenance of the organisation.

We are encouraged by the initial response and we hope to continue to grow participation.

The Political Party Fund At requires declaration of MI donations of R100,000 and above, and the ANC will declare such donations to the IEC.

Since the media has reported about the cashflow difficulties experienced by the movement, the Treasurer General has been inundated by mernbers and supporters who want to lend a helping hand. The ANC values the concems and contributions, which can be made to the central ANC fundraising account, with details as below:

African National Congress- Fundraising Account

Account name: ANC Fundraising

Nedbank Limited

Account Number: 12.006824

Branch Code: 198765

Issued by Pule Mabe, National Spokesperson, ANC, 30 August 2021