No guarantees, if whites don't give up their land - Julius Malema

EFF leader says that FW de Klerk should be made to suffer, Afrikaner males must be taught their place

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema, has doubled down on his White-baiting rhetoric of his Newcastle speech of last week.

On Monday Malema appeared before the Bloemfontein Magistrates Court, to face charges relating to an earlier call for his supporters to invade land. The case was postponed as Malema is challenging the constitionality of the Riotous Assemblies Act of 1956, the legislation under which he has been charged.

It is likely that the recent turn of Constitutional Court judges to an increasingly black nationalist interpretation of the Constitution has given the EFF leader confidence that he will receive a sympathetic hearing from South Africa’s highest court.

In a speech outside the court the the EFF leader accused ‘White People’ of being guilty of genocide against black South Africans; said that he planned to lock FW de Klerk in jail if he became President – as his wish was to see the former President suffering for a very long time; once again incited his followers to occupy whatever land they took a liking to; and warned that if White People did not peacefully surrender their land he could not ‘guarantee’ what was would happen to them. Malema also said that if the EFF came to power it would put ‘Afrikaner males’ in their place, as they were just ‘visitors’ in South Africa, and could not be allowed to ‘misbehave’.

The following is an extensive extract transcribed from Malema’s speech:

... They [the ANC government] do so because the [Riotous Assemblies] Act is about protecting White People. Floyd [Shivambu] says ‘Europeans’. Uh uh. White People. That is a polite way the apartheid was using, of saying White People. They were saying Europeans. So they confuse those who do not understand language dynamics. But what ‘Europeans’ means is White People.

This was a law passed after the adoption of the Freedom Charter on the 26th of June 1955 at Kliptown. They passed this Law reacting to the Freedom Charter because the Freedom Charter was saying ‘occupy the land wherever you choose, to occupy the land’. It is not Malema, it is the Freedom Charter.

It is not Malema, it is ZK Matthews. It is OR Tambo. It is Walter Sisulu. It is AP Mda. It is Nelson Mandela, who said before me that you must occupy the land, wherever you choose.

So, the ANC is using the law that was meant to challenge the Freedom Charter, against anyone who promotes the aspirations of the Freedom Charter. Because all we are saying is that if every single clause of the Freedom Charter is implemented Our People will be free from economic oppression.

The ANC dumped the Freedom Charter in a political dustbin. We went to fetch it, we cleaned it up, and they are offended by the fact that we have cleaned up the Freedom Charter. We are implementing the Freedom Charter.

So, no law that seeks to protect White People will succeed in a democratic South Africa. They say I said in Newcastle we must slaughter White People. I never said that. If I wanted to say it I will say it. What I said was we are not calling for their slaughter. Unlike them, they SLAUGHTERED Black People. They killed Black People. They committed Black Genocide.

Now De Klerk thinks he can stand up to lecture us about INCITEMENT! He has not incited, De Klerk. HE PRESIDED OVER THE KILLING of Our People. And De Klerk must know that every evening when he sleeps he must pray that Malema must never be a President of South Africa!

Because, if I become the President of South Africa I WILL LOCK UP DE KLERK FOR THE CRIMES THEY COMMITTED AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE, for a very long time!

De Klerk deserves to be in jail. De Klerk deserves to rot in jail. De Klerk was never punished FOR THE KILLING OF BLACK PEOPLE! Who is De Klerk to lecture me, about democracy? A MURDERER! I will never listen to De Klerk!

My wish is to see De Klerk in prison! My wish is to see De Klerk suffering, for a very long time, FOR THE CRIMES THEY COMMITTED AGAISNT BLACK PEOPLE! They were never punished, for that!

Hey De Klerk, I am not the one who introduced the reconciliation. I am not for reconciliation. I am for justice. There is no reconciliation without justice! AND JUSTICE IS THE RETURN OF THE LAND! THERE WILL NEVER BE JUSTICE IF THE LAND IS NOT RETURNED! Don’t talk to me about peace. There is no peace, without justice. Justice is the return of the land! There will never be peace at the expense of justice.

All what they see from us, we are just pretending. Our smiles are not genuine. We are hurting inside. We have lost our loved ones. They were buried in unidentifiable graves. OUR SISTERS! OUR BROTHERS! WERE KILLED BY DE KLERK! BY BOTHA! BY MALAN! THEY WERE BURIED, in graves that cannot be identified, until today! And they say to us we must forget and move forward. We will never forget until the bodies of our loved ones are returned to our families and they are buried with dignity.

De Klerk… It is not me who is speaking. De Klerk you are not troubled by Julius Malema, YOU ARE TROUBLED BY THE SPIRITS OF THOSE who died, who were killed by your government! Who were buried in unidentifiable graves! I am fighting for those people. I want justice for those families.

I don’t have anything against White People. But I have a problem because Black People are suffering in this country. Why us? ARE WE A CURSED NATION!? Did Jesus Christ die for us to suffer like this? What have we done to deserve such treatment in our own country!? Why are we not finding waiters and waitresses that are White!? Why are we not finding some workers that are White!? WHY ARE WE NOT FINDING SECURITY GUARDS THAT ARE WHITE!? WHY ARE NOT FINDING THE DOMESTIC WORKERS THAT ARE WHITE!? WHAT HAVE WE DONE!? WHY IS IT THAT IT IS ONLY US WHO ARE WORKING, WHO ARE PROVIDING CHEAP LABOUR!?

What have we done? To who? Why is it the Black Nation alone suffering so much? Our People do not have houses. Our people do not have jobs. All White People are working! All White People have everything beautiful, that comes with this land. We have NOTHING!

And then I hear that Pastors have released a statements, that Malema is inciting violence. Why? Because I speak against White People. Because I am exposing the suffering of Our People. Where were you Pastor, where were you, Bishop, when they put a black person in a coffin alive!? A white man forcing a black person into a coffin. Where were you Pastor to release a statement condemning that!? You will never do that because it is a black person. Why? A black life is cheap. It doesn’t matter! When you talk about White People you invite enemies.

I am not hating them. Why is the Black Nation suffering? Why is the ANC not doing anything about it? We will do something about it. We will fight for it. We will do everything in our power, whatever it takes, to collapse White Supremacy and replace it with an equal society, where there will not be black or white. There will be humanity, all of us, we will enjoy the fruits of our freedom. It is not yet Uhuru, but we will arrive there. With the EFF alive, we will arrive there. We cannot be scared of prison. We cannot be scared of persecution. Our leaders have gone through worse situations. We are not going through anything. So you can be guaranteed that we will never retreat.

When we leave here, you see any beautiful piece of land, you will like it, occupy it! It belongs to you! It is your land! It is the land of your forefathers. It was the land that was taken from us by White People, by force, through genocide! They killed our people!

We are not talking violence, we are not promoting violence, but I cannot guarantee the future. I am not a prophet. I am talking now. We are not carrying any weapons. I will never kill white people. Why should I kill them? I will never revenge for what they did. I am asking politely for the land to be returned. And IF THEY DON’T RETURN IT, I cannot guarantee what will happen. But they must be assured that this land, this land, we are fighting for, peacefully, we are fighting for, in parliament, we are fighting for this land on the streets, because, we must conscientise society. So they are not conscious. Black people, some of them, still suck up to whites. ‘Hey Malema, it is inciting hatred’. Hatred what? You are suffering man. Stop hating yourself. You’ll say Malema is spreading hatred because Malema loves himself. I love my blackness. That is why I speak for blackness. And I am not ashamed to speak up for blackness. Because that is who I am!

I am not fighting against White People, but I am not fighting for them! And I will never fight for them, because they don’t want anything. They have got everything. Why do you fight for people who don’t want anything?

AfriForum is a Boeremag. It is a group of Afrikaners who still wish for Apartheid. They will never see it. Afrikaner boys, the poppe sal dans! The EFF is coming for you boy! Afrikaner boys, the ANC has made you to think this thing is still Orange Free State. This thing is not Orange Free State. This is Free State. When we take over power, Afrikaner males you will know your place! Just pray, pray to ancestors, pray to Malan, pray to Verwoerd, pray and ask them for EFF not to come into power. Because we come into power ‘Afrikaner male this side! This is where you belong. This is how you are going [unclear].’ They must know, these Afrikaner males must know, we are not scared of them: Ideologically, politically, and otherwise. We can take each other toe to toe. We are not scared of Afrikaners! This is not your land! You must know your place, you are visitors here. And the long stay of visitors depends on their conduct. If you continue to misbehave, feeding our people to lions, putting our people who are still alive in the coffins, then you are applying for something else.

Be warned, we are not scared of anything, that includes the reclaiming of this land. That is why they opened a case in Free State and Newcastle. Because that is where Afrikaners still think they are in charge, in these small dorpies. So they must know that even in the small dorpies we are arriving! We are unstoppable! We are reclaiming what rightfully belongs to us!

So… I see a lot of White People crying. Stop being cry babies! There is no one who is going to kill you. I have got one white friend called Andreano. So if we were to kill white people I would have to start with Andreano. So I won’t do that. So stop being cry babies! You are scared because you know what you have done to us! You are TROUBLED BY WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO US! And you think we are like you! WE, are not like you! We are not like you! Don’t push us too far! This country must be returned into the hands of rightful owners.

There is no white man who is going to be driven into the sea here. We need you here. We need you to see black people prospering. We need you to see black people being successful. We want to prove it to you! That we don’t need a White Master to be successful.

We are going to nationalise the banks. We are going to nationalise the mines. We are going to expropriate the land, without compensation. And when we nationalise we are going to start with the properties of Ruperts, Oppenheimer, all of them, these rich ones, who think they are untouchable! We start with them.

I heard Rupert making some silly joke. I am not your friend! You must never think I am a friend of a White Monopoly Capitalist. You think we are playing because we say Zuma must go, and you are saying Zuma must go, and you think that can make us friends? No. We say it from different positions. You are saying it for your own reasons. We are saying it for our own reasons. It doesn’t make us friends.

Remember that our strategic objective is to CRUSH White Monopoly Capital! What is White Monopoly Capital? It is Rupert, it is Oppenheimer. We must CRUSH THEM! They must come to our level. They must not be Super Rich! They must be to the level of everybody in an equal society.

Fellow Fighters, I can guarantee you, the EFF is the only thing in South Africa that is black owned. There is nothing that black people own here including taxis.


The full speech can be viewed here: