#NoConfidence petition grows to over 500 000 signatures – Phumzile van Damme

DA says support has been overwhelming with many South Africans expressing anger at Zuma

DA’s #NoConfidence petition grows to over 500 000 signatures

13 April 2017

The DA's #NoConfidence petition has today exceeded 500 000 signatures, making our petition, if not already the biggest online political petition in South Africa ever, then certain to be the biggest.

Following Jacob Zuma’s midnight cabinet reshuffle, the DA launched this petition at encouraging the public to be co-signatories in the Motion of No Confidence against Jacob Zuma.

In addition to an online petition, our activists and public representatives have been going door-to-door in every corner of South Africa encouraging support for the petition.

The support on the ground has been overwhelming, with so many South Africans supporting the petition and expressing anger at Jacob Zuma's refusal to leave the presidency in the face of widespread protests.

That, to date, over half a million South Africans have already signed the online version of the petition is a remarkable showing of rejection for Jacob Zuma, and an endorsement of the DA and other opposition parties' campaign to see Zuma being fired by Parliament.

It is clear that the people of South Africa have no confidence in Jacob Zuma. The past two weeks' enormous groundswell of protest action against Zuma, along with this growing petition, show that Zuma must go.

We thank the patriotic South Africans who are coming out in numbers to oppose Zuma’s corruption, recklessness and self-enrichment in mass action across the country, including yesterday’s National Day of Action.

We encourage the public to continue protesting, no act is too small.

The DA will continue to use all means available - petitions, parliamentary mechanisms, litigation and will march along with all South Africans en masse across our country until Zuma is gone.

The President has betrayed the people of South Africa, and has sold our country to the Guptas, to corrupt individuals, who seek to serve their own interests and not the interest of the people.

When the Motion of No Confidence is rescheduled by Parliament, the ANC must make the right decision, humble themselves and listen to the people, and vote out Jacob Zuma. It is now only the ANC standing in the way of the will of the people.

Issued by Phumzile Van Damme, DA National Spokesperson, 13 April 2017