Norman Moabi's resignation letter to Judge Willie Seriti

Investigator says that a "second agenda" is at work in arms deal inquiry


The Chairperson ( L.W. Seriti JA)
Arms Procurement Commission
Isivuno House
Lillian Ngoyi Street

By Hand


RE: Resignation From The Arms Procurement Commission/ MN Moabi

I herewith submit my resignation with immediate effect from 01/01/2013. I have gradually come to hold a firm view that the direction in which the Commission is headed will not achieve the spirit of the founding/enabling Government Gazette No. 34731.

According to my perception there are two agendas that are in place within the commission:-

a) The well-known agenda is the one which is defined in the Government Gazette, with clear objectives and state expectations of what the commission should do and achieve.

b) The second agenda is the REAL work in progress at the commission that will deliver the REPORT to the President of the RSA.

This second agenda is based on the following foundations:-

1. Total Obsession with the control of the flow of information to and from the Commission by the Chairperson.

1 (a) Clandestine preparations of the documents and / or briefs that are Handed over to the Evidence Leaders.

1 (b) Unknown Person(s) who dictate what information should go into the Briefs to the exclusion of the Professional Staff/ Attorneys.

1 (c) Unknown Person(s) who dictate which Evidence Leaders will deal with which witnesses and why.

1 (d) The unknown criteria which is applied to determine which Professionals/ Attorneys are to be paired to specific Evidence Leaders and why.

1 (e) The unexplained reason why the Evidence Leaders are given strict Instructions to contact only one (1) person in respect of any queries

Concerning the briefs or related matters.

1 (f) All the Professional Staff do not have knowledge of what is in the briefs / files that went to the Evidence Leaders except for one.

2. The exclusion of any input by any individual within the Commission that does not advanced this Second Agenda.

3. The deliberate distraction of the Professional Staff who are kept occupied with matters that will not ultimately be part of the brief contents.

4. The total control of the "Secretariat and "Communications" Departments.

5. The above Portfolios exists only in name since the Individuals in charge of the same have no independent powers to can decide on anything.

The Administrative wing of the Commission is managed by extended family relationships.


The following Comments/ Statements support the existence of an agenda not commonly known to other people:

1) "When we will have dealt with the first witnesses, they will not again make noises in the public media".

2) "When you look at the submissions made by the Terry Crowford Browns (sic) of this world you realise that they are not factual but are based on hearsay. There is no substance in what they have said in the Public media up to now".

I came to the Commission to serve with integrity, dignity and truthfulness. I cannot with a clear conscience pretend to be blind to what is going on at the Commission.

I am unable to be part of this Commission since I have satisfied myself that the Chairperson seem to have other ideas and modus operandi to achieve with the Commission what is not the clear mandate of the enabling Government Gazette.

M N Moabi

[Signed 7/1/2013]

(Senior Investigator/ Attorney)

              LEGODI J

Source: Arms Deal Press Office

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