People of the NWest far from free under ANC and Supra – Joe McGluwa

DA says people in province are tied down by unemployment, corruption and the looting of state coffers

People of the North West far from free under the ANC and Supra

24 April 2018

On 27 April 1994 a whole nation was bright-eyed, optimistically awaiting the dawn of the Rainbow Nation.

We were a nation ready for change and new beginnings. We were looking towards a prosperous future for all.

Now, 24 years later, we are disappointed by all the promises and good intentions. Yes, progress has been made for some but if you aren’t part of a politically connected clique, real freedom is but a dream.

Instead of real freedom, our young democracy has been captured by a selfish cabal intent on amassing wealth for themselves, while the majority are without work and go hungry. The dreams and hopes of the people were sold to the Guptas by Supra Mahumapelo.

Here in the North West, we cannot claim to be free at all. We are tied down by unemployment, corruption and the looting of state coffers.

This province has been subjected to violence – all by the doing of the Gupta gang. One of the members of this notorious gang is our own Premier Supra Mahumapelo, who refuses to step down despite the bellowing call from the people and even those in his own party.

Mahumapelo will stop at nothing to fill his pockets and cling onto power. How long will you ignore the voices of the people; the people whose money you have stolen and dreams you have shattered?

The allegations are many. Was the Gupta contract not enough reason to step down already? The R1-million bursary to his son. The collapse of the healthcare system services are not being delivered. And a million rand stolen from emerging black farmers to buy cows for another crook named Jacob Zuma.

What freedoms can our people claim when the friends of Mahumapelo are with jobs, houses, healthcare, education and services?

Our people can not be free for as long as Supra Mahumapelo and the ANC lead this Province. This Province will only be free under a DA government, which will bring total change. This kind of change will ensure that our people are able to find work, services are delivered to all and those who are corrupt sit behind bars, not in the Office of the Premier.

There is talk of early elections, so that the ANC can take advantage of Ramaphosa’s so-called new dawn. The reality is that there is no new dawn for the people of the North West, only old tricks and broken promises.

We are ready to meet you at the polls on any day. We are ready to go door-to-door, telling the people of the North West that the DA will lead and listen when the speak. Under a DA government we will not lie and loot. Under a DA government, our mothers and children will feel safe in their homes and on the streets. Under a DA government the people will always come first.

Under the ANC government in this province, which Ramaphosa is seemingly scared of, not a single municipality received a clean audit. How can our people receive the services they deserve if the money is not spent as intended for? The ANC is not qualified to lead this province.

It is actually not a difficult choice: Supra or the people; the two cannot co-exist.

Freedom Day will have meaning to the people of the North West when they are free from unemployment; when they are free from corruption and when they are free from the shackles of the ANC and Mahumapelo!

If you continue to back this member of the Gupta gang, you will be harshly punished in 2019 when the people vote for Total Change.

It is time for Total Change – where we can really live and work and prosper together. It is time to put the people first.

Freedom and Mahumapelo cannot co-exist.

Supra must go!

Issued by Joe McGluwaDA North West Provincial Leader, 24 April 2018