Poo plot thwarted - UCT

Several protesters broke windows and gained access to lobby of exam venue with aim of disrupting sitting, most fled, two arrested

Facts around disruption of exam at UCT

16 November 2015

The University of Cape Town confirms that a small group of about seven protesters attempted to disrupt an exam this evening at the Sport Centre on Upper Campus.

The group broke windows and gained access to the lobby of the exam venue. It seemed that they wanted to throw a badly smelling substance into the venue, seemingly excrement. The UCT Campus Protection Services were able to stop the protesters from actioning their plan. They fled but two protesters were arrested. 

Whilst the noise disrupted the students sitting the exams for a while, the students quickly continued with the exam. They will be given additional time for the time lost during the disruption.

Statement issued by Gerda Kruger, Executive Director: Communication & Marketing Department, UCT, 16 November 2015