PP gets law wrong, facts wrong, and is biased - Pravin Gordhan

Minister has instructed his legal representatives to prepare urgent review


Neither the office of Minister Pravin Gordhan, nor anyone in his legal team had received a formal notice, correspondence or report from the Public Protector about alleged findings and remedial actions prior to these being announced by her to the media today, including on YouTube live streaming.

2 Minister Gordhan has stated unequivocally that he is unreservedly committed to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. Whilst respecting the Office of the Public Protector – and cooperating with their investigations - Minister Gordhan, like many others, has recorded his serious misgivings about the incumbent, her conduct and her partiality.

3 From today’s announcement, with respect to Minister Gordhan and his tenure as the former Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service (SARS), it is apparent that the Public Protector continues to get the facts wrong, get the law wrong and is demonstrably biased.

4 The Constitution, in section 181, envisages the Office of the Public Protector to be independent, impartial, dignified and effective. To date, in this matter, it has failed in all four respects.

5 We wish to thank the Public Protector for completing her process.

6 It is now possible for the Public Protector’s investigation, the report and the proposed remedial action to be scrutinized by the courts. Minister Gordhan has instructed his legal representatives to consider the Public Protector’s report, upon its receipt, and to prepare an urgent review.

7 We will announce the details of the envisaged legal action next week.

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Statement issued by Tebogo Malatji on behalf of Pravin Gordhan, 5 July 2019