Racist properties hinder reconciliation - John Moodey

DA Gauteng leader disgusted by property registered as "Kafferskraal" with Deeds Office

Hundreds of racist properties hinder redress and reconciliation

Chief Surveyor General Mmuso Riba has confirmed to the DA that found more than 200 properties exist with disgusting racial connotations or being offensive towards certain religions, cultures, traditions or bearing obscene connotations.

The DA took up this issue after expressing disgust over the farm name "Kafferskraal". The property is officially registered with the deeds office as Portion 19 of the farm Kafferskraal 381IR, Heidelberg District.

The detailed response from the Chief Surveyor General's office agrees with the DA in Gauteng that such names are not desirable in our post-Apartheid dispensation and echoes our sentiments for finding a national solution to this historical legacy.

Changing such names, however, is bound by section 93(3) of the Deeds Registries Act (No 47 of 1937) and can only be done through a request by the property owner to the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform.

The DA in Gauteng appeals to individuals and businesses countrywide who own immovable property bearing such offensive names to approach the Minister requesting a name change in terms of the act.

I will also request that the DA in Parliament pursue this matter with the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform.

The DA in Gauteng believes it is both necessary and possible to find a national solution which strikes a balance between the basic right to own property and the constitutional imperatives for redress and reconciliation.

We can never consider nation-building, redress and reconciliation complete while our people still live and work on insulting places like "Kafferskraal."

Statement issued by John Moodey MPL, DA Gauteng Provincial Leader, October 3 2012

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