Rand Water recognised as one of best water performing utilities in the world

GWIO recognizes entities that achieve at least 95% and above on water quality

Rand Water recognised as one of the best water performing utilities in the world

27 March 2024

Global Water Intelligence Organization (GWIO) has nominated Rand Water as one of the top four (4) water utilities in the world to receive the 2024 Public Agency of the Year Award. GWIO conducts global research to assess water utilities’ performance in terms of water quality, financial resilience, and excellence of infrastructure that are meant to enhance water security.

In terms of water quality, GWIO recognizes entities that achieve at least 95% and above on water quality and are complying to strictly defined chemical and microbiological standards. The GWIO award nomination confirms the result of the 2023 South African Blue Drop report which bestowed Rand Water with the coveted Blue Drop certification, validating that Rand Water meets South Africa’s and international drinking water quality standards.

The nomination endorses Rand Water as one of the leading institutions in the water sector’s infrastructure innovation projects. GWIO also applauded Rand Water for commissioning two (2) major infrastructure projects in 2023.

The projects are, phase 1 of the Station 5A water treatment plant, which delivers 150,000m3/d and will be extended to provide 600,000m3/d capacity by the end of 2024. The second project is the Vlakfontein Reservoir 210-million-liter capacity – the largest cylindrical post-tensioned reservoir in the world. GWIO specifies these two projects as a measure that reinforces the sustainability of Rand Water’s supply.

The completion of these projects affirms Rand Water’s status as the supplier of the largest volume of bulk potable water per day to its customers. Rand Water’s excellent financial performance in the last financial year was also considered as contributory factor towards the nomination.

The recognition by GWIO came few months after another reputable international organisation, Fitch Rating Agency, affirmed Rand Water with its National Long-Term Rating of AA+ which signifies Rand Water’s stable outlook. The acknowledgement that we receive from both local and international organisations underscores our unwavering commitment to providing high quality bulk water to our municipal customers and our financial prudence policies. This information on Rand Water nomination is accessible at: water-agency-of-the-year/

Issued by Makenosi Maroo, Spokesperson, Rand Water, 27 March 2024