Robin Carlisle publishes brochure on Chapman's Peak toll plans

Document includes architectural drawings, modelling of plans for offices


Robin Carlisle, the Minister for Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape has issued a brochure (PDF) to assist members of the public to make their own minds up about the construction of the control centre and toll plaza on Chapman's Peak.

‘There is a great deal of confusion, misinformation, speculation and rumour regarding the tolling of Chappies,' Minister Carlisle said.

‘Matters of public concern are best addressed when the people are fully informed. This brochure seeks to do just that.

 ‘The document explains the following key facts about Chapman's Peak Drive which may have been obscured in the highly emotionally-charged debate -

1. Without tolling, Chapman's Peak Drive will be permanently closed.

2. Due process has been followed from the beginning, including an extensive public participation and appeals process spanning eight years.

3. The SANParks land involved is in fact 0.022% of 970 hectares sold by Province to SANParks in 2003, for R1200.

4. The operations centre and toll plaza is vital to the operations and safety needed to manage Chapman's Peak Drive as a whole and which replaces unacceptable temporary working conditions.

5. Day passes can continue provided permanent tolling facilities are introduced.

‘I am totally committed to the safety and sustainability of Chappies. I have always been,' said Minister Carlisle.

‘A centralised and efficient management operation in a permanent facility is essential to meeting that commitment for the benefit of all South Africans.'

The document is available here - PDF. at 

Illustrations from the brochure:

Statement issued by Steven Otter, Media Liaison Officer, Transport and Public Works Ministry, Western Cape Government, January 20 2012

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