'Shoot the boer' ruling a triumph for mutual respect - AfriForum

Kallie Kriel says judgment sends a clear message that Malema isn't above the law

Shoot the Boer constitutes hate speech

AfriForum welcomed the news that the controversial song "Shoot the Boer" was declared as hate speech.

"AfriForum is overjoyed by the ruling. It sends a clear message to Malema that he isn't above the law and that he can't sow divisions wherever he goes," CEO of AfriForum, Kallie Kriel, said.

In his ruling, Judge Colin Lamont said the song undermines human rights and is harmful and discriminating. He found that no justification exists for singing the song.

By the time that Malema visited Zimbabwe in April 2010, he had sown divisions and polarisation in South Africa, Judge Lamont said. He continued that this polarisation exists even today.

Lamont furthermore ordered that Malema must pay all legal costs.

"The meaning of the words is such a big infringement on the human rights of the target group, namely white Afrikaners, that it justifies the costs that Malema must pay. The song will never again be seen as innocuous."

According to Kriel, the ruling is much more than a victory for AfriForum over Malema.

"It is in principle a victory of mutual recognition and respect between communities about the culture of disrespect and polarisation that is propagated by Malema.

"Should Malema appeal, AfriForum's legal team is ready to continue the battle. We've already won two court cases against Malema and is prepared to do it again," Kriel added.

Statement issued by Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, September 12 2011

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