Turfloop SRC elections postponed to help SASCO - EFF

Party says ANC leaders want a chance to help student organisation win votes


The EFF is condemns the decision by the University of Limpopo management, working with the ANC, to postpone SRC elections to Monday because SASCO was facing defeat. They want to give the ANC leaders a chance to come back from their National General Council to campaign for SASCO on Monday.

The voting stopped last night following SASCO's fight with securities over attempts to get their members to jump voting queues. This fight escalated outside the voting station, with SASCO attacking students with stones.

The EFF is aware that the ANC took a high decision to fight for the return of UNILIM. However, despite all efforts during the campaign it was clear the whole day that they will suffer an embarrassing defeat. The Vice Chancellor, instead of securing the safety of students and ensuring that agent provocateurs are brought to the book, he concedes to help SASCO by taking elections to Monday.

The EFF is not afraid of all of them combined; university Management, ANC and SASCO. We shall win even on Monday because the student body believes in us. This postponement is an act of cowardice indicative of the arrogance and entitlement of the ANC. They are being exposed deaily that they are not democrats who respect the basic tenants and practices of free and fair electioneering. When facing defeat, the African National Cowards degenerate into violence and political intolerance.

The EFF is here to stay and in UNILIM it remains the people's choice.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 9 October 2015