Stop presenting Allister Sparks as an independent columnist - SACP

Party asks how Hendrik Verwoerd, a criminal who committed a crime against humanity, could ever be described as a smart politician

SACP statement on Allister Sparks's utterances: Closed liberal racists always thanked God for successive re-election of the apartheid National Party

The South African Communist Party (SACP) condemns in strongest terms ever the assertion by former journalist and editor Allister Sparks that apartheid dictator Hendrik Verwoerd was a smart politician. On Saturday 9 May 2015 at the conference of the "Democratic Alliance" (DA) held in Port Elizabeth, in his tribute to outgoing DA leader Helen Zille, Sparks praised Verwoerd as one of "some really smart politicians" he has ever encountered (see eNCA report). 

Apartheid was declared by the United Nations as a crime against humanity. Since when does a criminal who committed a crime against humanity become a smart politician?

One of the most enduring criticisms of white liberals under apartheid was that many would publicly call for a vote for the Progressive Federal Party, but always thanked God for the continuous re-election of the National Party into power. Put differently, many of these white liberals were closet racists that unfortunately someone like Allister Sparks is proving to be. It is also not by mistake that all "smart politicians" mentioned by Sparks in his speech are white only. We hope the media will now stop imposing Sparks on readers as an independent columnist.

The SACP has long ago pointed out that the DA is a party of white privilege. Sparks's utterances, and not unexpectedly defended by Zille, are therefore not surprising. They are consistent with the DNA of the DA, its historic mission and racist liberalism in South Africa.

Liberalism was among the racist ideologies pretending to be opposed to apartheid. However, in reality the anti-majoritarian liberals did everything to support apartheid. They opposed one person one vote for all, and defended apartheid against sanctions. 

The secret is out.

Statement issued by Alex Mashilo, SACP National Spokesperson, May 10 2015