The original SASCO statement on the Stellenbosch urinator

"When asked by the victim the racist response was that it is what they do to black boys"


Revolutionary greetings

SASCO Tsietsi Mashinini Stellenbosch condemns with the highest contempt the racist action of the racist hooligan who attacked a fellow black student. In the morning of 15/05/2022 the said racist trespassed and racially attacked the first year black student In his room in Huis Marais in Stellenbosch University,

The victim of this hooligan was sleeping when he heard noise in his room at 04:00am in the morning. When he woke up, the racist white boy was urinating on his study desk, books and on his laptop. When asked by the victim the racist response was that it is what they do to black boys.

The matter has been reported to all the relevant authorities. We call for fast and sweep justice for the indignity suffered by the fellow student who is still traumatised by the whole ordeal. Not only did the racist break in his room and racially attacked him but the racist also damaged his property (laptop) thus disadvantaging his studies.

The racist hooligan violated his dignity thus violated his constitutional rights as a citizen of South Africa but also as his rights as a Stellenbosch University student. The Student constitution is clear that every student has an inherent right to human dignity and a right to have their rights respected and protected.

Anything short of expulsion and potentially criminal charges would he regarded or as seen as injustice, this racist criminal act deserves the highest punishment. If we are to have confidence that the University truly respect and protects the right or students particularly the black marginalised students. We demand that the University and all relevant authorities ensure that justice prevails.

SASCO will continue to ensure and fight to make sure that every student's rights are protected especially rights of black students who continue to experience racism in one form or another from this university,

Yours comradely

BEC 2021-2022

Issued by SASCO, 15 May 2022