Thousands back Stop Malema campaign - AfriForum Youth

Ernst Roets says 10,000 people have already signed an online petition.

Support pouring in for Stop Malema campaign

AfriForum Youth aiming for 25 000 names on petition

Support for AfriForum Youth's Stop Malema campaign, which kicked off last week, is pouring in. Today the ten thousandth entry was received on the Stop Malema petition list and the twenty thousandth entry was received on the Stop Malema Facebook group. Today the two hundredth person also contributed financially to the legal costs of the hate speech case brought by AfriForum Youth against Julius Malema in the Johannesburg Equality Court.

The campaign kicked off last week following Malema's "shoot the Boere" statements. In light of various incidents over the past week, the public support for the campaign has kept on growing. These incidents include:

  • The threat that Malema made to AfriForum Youth's national chairperson, Ernst Roets, that there would be a repeat of the Shell House massacre if AfriForum Youth protested in front of its office;
  • The fact that the ANC Youth League took a list naming 1 600 victims of farm attacks in South Africa and threw it on the street and trampled on it; and
  • Malema's continued signing of the "shoot the Boere" song.

Roets said that they are delighted with the tremendous support for the campaign and he encouraged the public to get even more involved in the campaign. Roets also explained that the petition would be used in the court proceedings against Malema to show how strongly the public feel about Malema's actions. "Ten thousand names are not yet enough. In order to make the petition credible, we will need to gather at least twenty five thousand entries," Roets added.

The petition can be supported at

Statement issued by Ernst Roets, national chairperson, AfriForum Youth

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