Travelgate loan book: COPE complains to public protector

Statement issued by the Congress of the People, March 16 2009


In an effort to get to the bottom of new allegations surrounding the Travelgate saga, COPE has sent a letter to the Public Protector requesting him to investigate recent media reports of plans by the ANC to purchase the loan book of one of the travel agencies involved in what is a cynical attempt to protect parliamentarians from being held accountable for these allegations of fraud. The amount of R370 000 is said to be the figure involved.

This is yet another example of ANC corruption and the abuse of tax payer's money in this latest chapter of the Travelgate fiasco.

To seek redress on behalf of SA citizens, COPE has sent an urgent letter to the office of the Public Protector demanding it fulfil its constitutional mandate to protect the public purse and launch an immediate investigation into this abuse of state resources.

We cannot tolerate this abuse of power by the same parliament and executives who are duly sworn to uphold and protect the interests of the people of the RSA.

COPE as a party stands for honesty and accountability of the state to the people of SA.

We have requested a rapid response from the Public Protector regarding this most urgent parliamentary corruption matter.

Statement issued by the Congress of the People, March 16 2009