Vote DA to rescue SA from ANC-EFF-MK Doomsday Coalition - John Steenhuisen

DA leader says such a govt would make collapse of Zimbabwe look like a dress rehearsal

Vote DA to rescue South Africa from the ANC-EFF-MK Doomsday Coalition

5 April 2024

Speaking from the floor of the DA’s Federal Congress in April last year, I issued a warning to the people of South Africa that the forces of destruction in the ANC, EFF and their proxies in small parties like the Patriotic Alliance, were converging towards forming a Doomsday Coalition after the 2024 general election. At the time, I said the following:

“The day that an ANC-EFF government takes over, it will be Doomsday for South Africa. EFF Doomsday will make the collapse of Zimbabwe look like a dress-rehearsal, and will leave all South Africans destitute – black, coloured, white and Indian. That is why, during the remaining months before next year’s election, the DA will make it our number one priority – and do absolutely everything in our power – to prevent an ANC-EFF Doomsday Coalition from taking power.

The EFF Doomsday Coalition will expropriate property without compensation and abolish private property rights. The EFF Doomsday Coalition will nationalise and destroy foreign investment, businesses, banks and mines. The EFF Doomsday Coalition will plunge this country into ethnic and racial conflict the likes of which it has never witnessed before.”

Exactly one year later, this horrifying scenario is becoming real in front of our eyes.

Yesterday, EFF leader Julius Malema confirmed that he intends to “give the EFF vote to the ANC” on the condition that his deputy, Floyd Shivambu, becomes Minister of Finance. Malema added that this is because “you need a radical” to take control of South Africa’s purse strings. This morning, the EFF’s secretary-general, Marshall Dlamini, added that land expropriation without compensation and the nationalisation of mines would form some of the “cardinal pillars” of its planned Doomsday Coalition with the ANC.

With these comments, the EFF leadership have, for the first time, publicly confirmed that the DA has been right all along. Radicals in parties like the ANC, EFF – but more recently also Jacob Zuma’s MK and small party proxies – are preparing to form a Doomsday Coalition that will seal South Africa’s fate.

Fortunately, there is a way to prevent Doomsday. As I said during the same speech from the DA’s Congress a year ago: “Our party will immediately initiate a process to form a pre-election Moonshot Pact with likeminded political parties, civil society organisations and civic movements to defeat the ANC, to keep the EFF out, and to inaugurate a new national opposition coalition government.”

A year down the line, and this initiative – now known as the Multi-Party Charter (MPC) – has made tremendous progress in forging a common vision and strong bonds among its member parties. Even though the prospect of ANC-EFF Doomsday is now clearly turning into reality, South African voters have a clear and strong alternative that can avert Doomsday, in the form of the MPC.

Malema’s confirmation that the Doomsday Coalition we foresaw is now taking shape, only serves to galvanise the DA’s determination to succeed. The single best way to avert, oppose and combat the Doomsday Coalition, is to vote for the DA.

In this election, a vote for the DA is not only a vote for a strong party with a proven track record that can anchor a new national government to rescue South Africa. A vote for the DA is also the best insurance policy against the ANC-EFF Doomsday Coalition, because it will create a strong counterweight to the radicals that are coalescing to destroy South Africa.

Prevent an ANC-EFF-MK Doomsday Coalition. Vote DA.

Statement issued by John Steenhuisen MP - Leader of the Democratic Alliance, 5 April 2024