We do not vote for crooks, we do not vote for kleptocracy - Julius Malema

EFF leader says that under the ANC, South Africa is dying a slow yet sure death (23 August)

Debate in the National Assembly on the 2016 Local Government Elections, Parliament, 23 August 2016

Mr J S MALEMA: Speaker, let me take this opportunity to thank the South African voters for having engaged in peaceful elections on 3 August, ushering in a new era. I particularly thank those who voted for the EFF.

The EFF is the only party that moved from 0% to 8% because in 2011 it did not even have a single vote. So, anyone that knows that 8% is not an easy thing for a new organisation of three years will appreciate that indeed this organisation is growing.

Our people, hon Jackson Mthembu, rejected the ANC. The ANC was not rejected by the EFF but the voters rejected kleptocracy.

Now I hear people from ANC saying that we are voting with a white party but you forget that you governed in a government on national unity with a National Party, the murders themselves, who even made de Klerk a vice president - a man who presided over the genocide of black people.

You gave the National Party Minister of Land, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Mines. Sitting in these benches are people who come from the National Party.

Who are you to educate us about white people when you were so prepared to embrace murderers, the people who continue to kill black people? Now people ask us, why do you vote for white people when you say you are fighting against white monopoly capital? Hey!

The country is collapsing; I cannot keep on saying we are fighting white monopoly capital because after defeating white monopoly capital there will not be a country to inherit. You would have collapsed this country.

So, this is an emergency; we had to pause and rescue this country first and continue to fight against white supremacy and against white monopoly capital so that when we defeat white monopoly capital we will find a country called South Africa.

Under the ANC, South Africa is dying a slowly yet surely death. We will not vote for a party presided over by a person who defied the Constitution, a party that still subjects our people to the shacks, a party that has collapsed the health and the education system in South Africa - a country that has been captured by the Guptas. All of you are in the pockets of one family called the Guptas.

If you want votes, go to the Guptas and they will give you the votes. We do not vote for crooks, we do not vote for kleptocracy. We will not vote for a party that is going to pass a nuclear deal that will collapse this country; a nuclear deal that is going to take social grants from our people and take patients, including the service delivery money. This is the party, seated here under Cyril Ramaphosa, which killed our people in Marikana.

We will never vote for you in the name of the people of Marikana. Our people still do not have sanitary towels, water and flushing toilets and yet you are the most powerful party but you have failed to deliver those things to our people.

Zuma wants to enrich his family and himself. He will never get our vote. We are here today to say to you, take your ministers, who are “Instagram celebrities”, to vote for you and campaign for you to get the votes. Do not blame it on the EFF because it is of your own making; you have yourselves to blame.

I did not take the votes away from you. You are self destructing and you will have yourself to blame. Where is free education? We gave you 6% to take the land and you refused it. Now, those who want to sound more black consciousness said to us, you can’t disrupt the ANC and vote for the DA or the opposition. When we voted against the ANC ...

The SPEAKER: Hon Malema, your time has expired.

Mr J S MALEMA: ... we were not disrupting the land question; we were not disrupting any black agenda. So, you can jump into the nearest hell.

Source: Unrevised transcript, Hansard.