EFF condemns white terrorism in Brackenfell anti-racism protests

Fighters say attacks are yet another confirmation that racists are emboldened under the current regime

EFF condemns white terrorism in Brackenfell anti-racism protests

9 November 2020

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) condemns the attacks conducted by armed white-racists against EFF members. who held a peaceful protest outside Brackenfell High School in Cape Town against the perverted racism of the school, teachers and parents.

In what was a display of pure white-arrogance. armed right-wingers attacked EFF members, undermining their constitutional right to protest and assaulting them physically. Gun-shots were fired. police officers were man-handled by racist cowards who were hiding their faces and decaying apartheid-era old white men. This was all done in defence of racism, as the learners and parents of the school held an only white matriculant party, which the Principal of the school and two teachers attended.

It must further be noted that since 1994, there has never been a single black teacher working at Brackenfell High School, which reveals how entrenched racism is at the school at an institutional level.

There has been no outcry by any of the so-called analysts who always accuse the EFF of violence and fascism, against this trampling of democracy by racists who seem to think they own sections of this country and will assault black people in the land of their birth.

The attacks in Brackenfell are yet another confirmation that racists are emboldened under the current regime. It confirms our long-held belief that peace without justice is futile. and that as a nation. we have forgiven people who have no remorse for the oppression they subjected our people too. Our laws are undermined, and law-officials are bullied by white-racists, who have decided that there is no black government or black authority that can threaten their grip on sections of our society.

These terror attacks will not go unanswered. The EFF will descend on Brackenfell in its entirety and ensure nothing operates. All those white racists who have an uncontrollable desire to control the movement of Black people, and dictate where we can and cannot go, will be taught the humility we taught racists in Senekal.

They have pushed us. and they must prepare to be pushed back harder. The EFF will communicate the way forward to all of its structures.

Issued by the EFF, 9 November 2020