Why I am resigning as a councillor - Mpho Phalatse

Former Joburg mayor says she needs to focus on her medical career, she remains with the DA



TO Cllr Belinda Echeozonjoku, DA Caucus Leader

CC Cllr. Leah Knot, DA Chief Whip

FROM Cllr. Dr Mpho Phalatse

DATE 24 August 2023

SUBJECT: Resignation as a DA PR Councillor in the City of Johannesburg

Dear Caucus Leader,

When I came into mainstream politics in 2016. I was motivated by the desire to serve. That decision came at a huge personal sacrifice and the sacrifice of my family. I left my medical profession and thriving business in order to contribute to the rebuilding of my country.

The last seven years of my service as a Councillor — a Public Representative — in the City of Johannesburg have been a fulfilling experience. It has been such a great honour to serve. Very few people have enjoyed the privilege of starting a political career as an MMC for Health and Social Development and becoming an Executive Mayor and Leader of the main opposition in such a short period of time. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve. I am very proud of the achievements we have had during my tenure as an MMC, the Executive Mayor and an ordinary Councillor. My record speaks for itself.

However, the changing political and economic climate have necessitated that I embark on a process of introspection and reflection regarding my future as a Councillor. After months of in-depth reflection and consultation with my family, I have come to the conclusion that as a qualified medical doctor with vast experience in healthcare and beyond. I could make a better, meaningful and invaluable contribution elsewhere.

As you may be aware, the healthcare space is highly unpredictable and medical emergencies are the order of the day. In a political environment where council meetings have become too frequent and irregular, it would be impossible to move between healthcare and Council activities without compromising the one or the other. I have, throughout my career, never compromised on doing quality work and I am concerned that faced with a choice between my Council responsibilities and medical career. I am inclined to choose to save a life.

It is with a heavy heart that I tender my resignation as a Councillor with effect from 30 September 2023. However. my resignation should never be misconstrued as a resignation from the Democratic Alliance. Neither should it be considered as the end of my political career. I remain a patriotic South African and my return to public service is guaranteed. Time will tell!

My gratitude goes to my colleagues and fellow Councillors with whom I have served and enjoyed unwavering support. A big thank you to the residents of Johannesburg for entrusting me with the responsibility and the privilege to serve.

The rebuilding of our cities and our nation is nowhere near over. With each of us making their contribution in all the various sectors of society, we will leave a great legacy and prosperous nation for posterity.

I wish the DA Caucus. the COJ Council and Officials everything of the best. in service.

Dr Mpho Phalatse