Zille and De Lille must condemn racist attacks - COSATU WCape

Tony Ehrenreich says people arrested for race related crimes should be put in the regular cells where they can be educated about the new SA

COSATU calls on Premier and Mayor to condemn racist attacks on Workers

14 November 2014

COSATU calls on the Premier and the Mayor to condemn the racist attacks on workers in old White areas. This is the racism that is promoted by the DA in this Province that attracts the greatest amount of conservative ‘verkramptes' to come and live here. These racists then think they can act as they have done under Apartheid. The attitude promoted by the Premier about maintaining the apartheid generational advantages in Cape Town, shows itself in the huge discrepancies in facilities between mainly White schools in the suburbs and mainly Black schools in the townships.

The Premier and the Mayor have not once condemned this racism that they appear to be endorsing by their attitude. They direct resources to White areas to maintain this attitude of superiority. An example of this discrimination is how the DA disregards the crime and drug violence on the Cape Flats, but they spend R200 million on safety for the BRT busses.

COSATU wants the National Police Minister to instruct Police stations to arrest people guilty of race related crimes and put them in the regular cells so they can practice their racism there. JP Smith who is responsible for safety in the City focuses on dogs barking and wasting money on funny gimmicks, whilst people are being attacked in the streets by racist thugs.

The newspapers have reported about how widespread these racist attacks are but the Courts and the police have done nothing to stop and deter these despicable acts. COSATU will be taking action to defend workers who are being attacked and we will ensure that the harshest might of the law is applied to these racist criminals. When they get to prison we will ensure that the other inmates know about their racist attitudes so they can be educated in the ways of the new South Africa.

Statement issued by Tony Ehrenreich, COSATU Western Cape provincial secretary, November 14 2014 

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