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#AgencyFocus: Banyana Banyana & a boatload of awards

by Carey Finn. Though still relatively young, Joburg-based communications agency Levergy hasn’t wasted any time in securing major clients, achieving transformation goals and rolling out work that has garnered recognition (and lots of it).

#AgencyFocus: Jupiter CT snags Beares, prepares for comeback
by Carey FinnIt’s been a challenging couple of years for The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town), to say the least, but the ad agency has landed firmly on its feet after a series of setbacks in 2017.

EXCLUSIVE: John Davenport leaving Collective ID
by Herman Manson. John Davenport, co-founder of Ireland/Davenport, the agency that was recently reinvented as Collective ID, has resigned from the business.

#Marketers: Gumtree’s Claire Cobbledick on leadership

by Julie Pughe-Parry. In Q1 2017, Claire Cobbledick ‏had her leadership skills put to the test, following a disastrous redesign of the Gumtree SA website. Making it through this challenge, she learnt a key lesson: resilience.

#Campaigns: Africa will #GetItBack
#Campaigns: Ballet shaped by real-time data mined from social media

by MarkLives. This week we feature insight into the briefs, creative ideas, production challenges and results of Castle Milk Stout's #GetItBack campaign by Joe Public United, and Joburg Ballet’s"Breaking Ballet" campaign by TBWA\Hunt Lascaris.

Adnalysis: Why I’ve left advertising strategy
by Bogosi Motshegwa. I’ve not left advertising (no-one ever does); I’ve left agency strategy. There are two issues at play: ad agencies are dead (they just don’t know it yet); and strategists or planners are under threat.

Growing Greatness — Pepe Marais on the worst is the best
Growing Greatness — Pepe Marais on meeting Gareth Leck
MarkLives is running five extracts from Pepe Marais's first book, "Growing Greatness — A Journey Towards Personal and Business Mastery", over the next few weeks. Here are the third, "Nothing creates change more than an idea" and the fourth, "The worst thing that can happen is the best thing that can happen".

Clio Awards 2018: South Africa & Egypt represents
by MarkLives. The Clio Awards recently announced its winners list for 2018. Grand Prix, Specialty and "Of the Year" awards will be announced during the awards ceremony on 3 October 2018 in New York City.

Power Report: Hello… is there anybody out there?
by Megan Power. It’s hard to believe that any business, especially one like Uber, which recently described itself as “customer-obsessed”, doesn’t offer the option of that most basic of human interaction — connecting on the phone.

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On the Radar

Mathe Okaba joins ACA as new CEO
Segola, Wasielewski new ECDs at FCB
Nukwa new Mortimer Harvey ECD
Prejlin Naidoo joins Okuhle Media
Katlego Moutlana new Mortimer Harvey director
New initiative to match brands with black-owned agencies
Design scholarships open
Collective ID bids Davenport farewell
5 highlights from Magnetic Agency Benchmark Survey
Baffoe returns to Destiny Man
Epica 2018 opens for entries

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