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On the Radar:

Game South Africa appoints creative agencies
 Macsteel appoints PR agency
Indy circ figures fall in ABC restatement
House of Monatic appoints digital agency


#AgencyFocus: M&C Saatchi Abel on consumer-focused brands
by Sabrina Forbes. For Mike Abel, it’s been an amazing journey building the youngest large ad agency in the country with a diversified group of companies in such a short amount of time.

Press Pass: Adriaan Basson on truth, investigation & intimidation
by Carey Finn. The News24 editor-in-chief shares insights into staying strong — and safe — in SA news journalism, where media freedom and truth are increasingly under threat.

Q5: Millennials in management — meet Tanya Davis [interview]
by Carey Finn. At just 28, Tanya Davis is East Coast Radio’s youngest-ever brand and communications manager. She speaks to us about her fast career track, and what she’s learned so far.

#Campaigns: #Drink141 — the drink to drink between drinks
by MarkLives. This week we feature insight into Pernod Ricard SA's 141 Responsible Drinking campaign by Publicis Machine and TinToy Productions.

FieldNotes: When brand community is more valuable than growth
by Marguerite Coetzee. The Bo-Kaap’s heritage protection sheds light on trends of ethical consumaption.

Regular Reads:

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