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#AgencyFocus: The business impact of Retroviral

by Sabrina Forbes. Almost nine years ago, one of the first influencer marketing agencies in the country was born.

Design Indaba 2019: UX, designers & the rest of us
by Herman Manson. Everybody’s next design challenge: UX at a design conference.

By Invitation Only: We should be paid for our thinking, not our time
by Pepe Marais. Only by fixing the calibre of our creative thinking can we start talking about being paid for it.

2018 Creative Circle annual award winners, overall rankings
by MarkLives. Creative Circle South Africa has announced its Annual Award winners and overall rankings for 2018.

By Invitation Only: Side hustles… You won’t believe what happens next!
by Gerhard Pretorius. The issue of passion projects and side hustles is actually more divisive than many realise. 

Regular Reads:

- Media Design: Brein, Bloomberg Businessweek, Eye On Design, NYLON
- SA TV Ratings: SABC 3 — primetime top 20 for Jan 2019
- Market Research Wrap: Best across creativity, effectiveness, media

On the Radar:

New strategy head for Avatar

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