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#AgencyLeaders2018: Most admired creative leader in Cape Town

by Herman Manson. Today we kick off our annual Agency Leaders poll with the agency creative leaders who were most admired by their peers in Cape Town during the course of 2018!

By Invitation Only: Zibusiso Mkhwanazi on protecting your agency’s brand

by Zibusiso Mkhwanazi. How many of us stop and think about our own brands — the agencies we have built from scratch? Here is my advice to young agency owners.

Masterclass Notes: What marketers are looking out for in 2019
by Johanna McDowell. Six leading marketers and representatives from 21 agencies attended the first Masterclass for 2019 last week. Before talking about the future, marketers were asked to define their biggest challenges from 2018.

By Invitation Only: Davos’ future digital revolution dreams — what’s SA to do, meantime?
by Gavin Weale. We have to collectively roll up our sleeves and wrangle for progress on the ground for the millions of unemployed young people who need access to a livelihood now.

The Martini Shot: Proudly (and unashamedly) South African
by Bobby Amm. We would like to see a return of the values of Proudly South African to the local advertising industry.

Adnalysis: Clients & the case for smaller agencies
by Bogosi Motshegwa. Today, being part of a large agency holding network doesn’t offer what it used to and, for clients, it’s becoming more and more expensive to be so aligned.

On the Radar

Kagiso Musi joins newly launched media agency
#CampaignRadar: A serious country may be funny, too #NotSoSeriyaas

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