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#AgencyLeaders2018: Most admired creative leader in South Africa

by Herman Manson. We kick off this week with the South African creative leaders most admired by their peers during 2018. Below are the rest of the Jozi results from last week.

- The one to watch in Jozi in 2019!
- Agency diversity & transformation Jozi
- Most admired ad agency in Jozi
- Most admired ad agency boss in Jozi

Weekend newspapers lead losses in ABC Q4 2018
by Herman Manson. The ABC has released newspaper circulation stats for October–December 2018 (ABC Q4 2018).

Magazines fall by 19.7% year on year — ABC Q4 2018
by Herman Manson. The ABC has released consumer-magazine circulation stats for October–December 2018 (ABC Q4 2018). There was good news for B2B magazines.

Clicks ’n Tricks: Time to ‘fyre’ the influencers?
by Charlie Stewart. In late January 2019, two documentaries were released about the disastrous Fyre Festival; the Federal Trade Commission updated its guidelines on advertising; and the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority censured a group of social media stars. 

Regular Reads:

- Media Design: Assemble Papers, El Corno, Hacking Finance, TIME
- SA TV Ratings: SABC 3 — primetime top 20 for Dec, Nov 2018 and DStv — primetime top 30 for Jan 2019
- Market Research Wrap: Connecting with the multitasking generation

On the Radar:

- O’Kelly leaving SA for global Ogilvy role
- SA wins at One Screen Short Film Festival
Atmosphere wins global biz

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