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-Creative Circle: Dec & Nov 2019 winners
-IAB SA appoints transformation council head
-Unilever SA awards Brut digital account


Every year since 2012, MarkLives has been polling South Africa’s top ad agency leaders to find out what they think of their competitors, whom they see as effective managers and great creative leaders, and where they believe their future competition is likely to come from.

#AgencyLeaders2019: Most-admired creative leader
by MarkLives. For 2019, Alistair King has been voted as most-admired creative leader in South Africa, with Ahmed Tilly and Peter Khoury as joint runners-up, by SA agency execs.

#AgencyLeaders2019: Most-admired media agency
by MarkLives. For 2019, The Mediashop has been voted as most-admired media agency in South Africa, with PHD and TMI Collective as joint runners-up, by South African ad agency executives.

#AgencyLeaders2019: Most-admired for production excellence
by MarkLives. For 2019, Bomb and Darling Films have been jointly selected for production excellence in South Africa by South African agency executives. This is a new category.

#AgencyLeaders2019: Most admired PR agency
by MarkLives. For 2019, Atmosphere Communications has been voted as most-admired PR agency in South Africa, with Clockwork and DNA Brand Architects as joint runners-up, by South African ad agency executives.

#AgencyLeaders2019: Most-rated pitch consultant
by MarkLives. For 2019,IAS has been voted most-recommended pitch consultant in South Africa, with Yardstick as runner-up, by South Africa ad agency execs.


New media portal for retailing, branding industry

by MarkLives. is a new B2B news site focusing on the retailing and consumer goods industry in South Africa and Africa, with Louise Burgers (formerly Marsland) as founding editor and publisher.

#DesignIndaba25: New engineers of creativity
by MarkLives. This year, Design Indaba celebrates its 25th edition. A panel of agency and media execs who’ve been regular attendees give their take on the iconic design conference. First up is Grid Worldwide'sJineil Kandasamy.

Young, Gifted & Killing It: Joe Human
by VeliNgubane. Describing himself as a lifestyle curator and brand ID developer, Joe “Human” Nawaya is an entrepreneur and Creative Mind Space co-founder and director.


By Invitation Only: 2020 & beyond is the era of the black‑owned agency
by Zibusiso Mkhwanazi. Two weeks ago, I read Jarred Cinman’s 2020 trends piece here on MarkLives, #BigQ2020: The future is here, and I would like to expand on his views, which I fully agree with.

Brands & Branding: Consumer 2020
by Louise Burgers. Consumer expectations and purpose-driven marketing have to be at the heart of every major decision by brands and in the retail market today.

The Martini Shot: 6 reasons to join an industry association today
by Bobby Amm. “Why should I become a member or my industry’s association? What’s really in it for me?” Here are six reasons compelling reasons why all companies should join associations to achieve their common goals and sustain their business.

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