"Ben 10 poked my wife!" - Daily Sun

The lead story and front page of SA's largest daily newspaper, November 26 2013

Daily Sun (November 26 2013) - TEBOHO said his 60th birthday was the saddest day of his life. First he caught his 50-year-old wife poking another man and then the man stabbed him . . . AND IT BREAKS HIS HEART THAT HIS WIFE'S BEN 10 IS ONLY 20 YEARS OLD!

Teboho Tshehlo from C section in Botshabelo, near Bloemfontein, said when he tried to catch the young man, his wife held him back so her lover could escape.

Teboho said his wife told him she wasn't getting enough sex and that was why she cheated on him. "I never denied her sex," said Teboho, showing his wounded head to Daily Sun.

But Maosiya Plaatjie (50), told Daily Sun she's not sorry for what she did.

"My husband has slept with 15 different women. One of them was our neighbour who died," she said. "I poked that young man to make him feel what I have been feeling all these years."

Teboho confessed he slept with other women. "Yes, I slept with other women but I never denied her sex." The young poker first came to their house in October.

"He said he could fix my fridge and I said I would pay him when I had money and he left," said Teboho. "But later social workers called us and told us he wanted to stay with us. My wife and I agreed to let him stay until January."

Teboho, a CPF member, said after a short while the man started shadowing his wife. "I became suspicious because my wife's punani wasn't the same as I'd known for the last 30 years," said Teboho.

"My suspicions were confirmed last Tuesday, the day after my birthday." He said he went home at 10am.

"When I looked into the man's bedroom, there he was on top of my wife," said Teboho.

Teboho staggered back in shock, but when he recovered and went to the door again, the young man was waiting for him - and stabbed Teboho with a screwdriver.

"He escaped after my wife held me down and told him to run away," he said.

"That's when wife accused me of not poking her enough."

Teboho said the neighbours came to investigate and his wife told them that she was not getting any sex from him.

"She then packed her clothes and left the house," said Teboho.

Daily Sun spoke to Maosiya, who admitted she did it for revenge.

"He cheated on me and didn't want to poke me so I poked the young man," said Maosiya.

Police spokesman Constable Consolation Mokoale said Botshabelo police were investigating a case of assault.

"A 20-year-old suspect was arrested last Thursday and will appear in court soon," said Mokoale.

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