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#BrandFocus: Capitec on branding a client-centric bank

by Sabrina Forbes. Capitec’s unwavering commitment follows four fundamentals that govern the actions of everything the bank does, every day.

Q5: Sphelele Mjadu delves into Dove’s #ShowUs campaign [interview]
by Carey Finn. The Unilever Personal Care senior PR manager for Africa talks us through Dove's groundbreaking Project #ShowUs, which provides more-representative images of women to the media and advertising industries.

#Campaigns: Sbonis’ iDiski scores goal with help of Chelsea FC, Pirates
by MarkLives. This week we feature insight into the “Sbonis’ iDiski” campaign for Unilever SA's Shield Deodorant from Chaos Theory, Gorilla and Edelman PR.

Masterclass Notes: Key global trends in advertising & comms industry
by Johanna McDowell. At our masterclass last month, Scopen's César Vacchiano shared with us some global trends in the advertising and communication industry.

Dear Radio: Innovations in South African radio
by Paulo Dias. Colleagues and friends across the industry have gently reminded me of what their stations have been up to.

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