"Crazy man bit our baby!" - Daily Sun

The front page and lead story of SA's largest daily newspaper, April 12 2013

Daily Sun (April 12) - THERE were screams as unholy horror hit the church house. A crazed mental patient was biting a helpless baby all over his little body. NOW FLESH HE RIPPED FROM THE TODDLER'S HEAD IS MISSING! The family fears he swallowed it! The horrific attack happened on Good Friday at prophet Malleu Skhosana's church house in Mpumalanga's Boekenhouthoek Village. That's where madala Skhosana treats mental patients with magic water. His wife Selina (65) said they were watching TV at about 9.30pm when the patient burst in, shouting he'd seen a snake. "He grabbed our little Itumeleng and bit him all over," gogo Skhosana told Daily Sun. See the Daily Sun mobi site for more...

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