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Deeb leaves FCB Joburg
 Conversation LAB adds ADvTECH accounts
 Joe Public merges two divisions

#BrandFocus: Keep walking, the South African way
by Sabrina Forbes. "The Walkers [were] just pioneers, way ahead of their times,” says Karabelo Nkoe, Johnnie Walker South Africa senior brand manager.

#Campaigns: #JustStart — the art of starting your business
by MarkLives. This time we feature insight into the "#JustStart" campaign for Yoco by the in-house Yoco team and Bioscope Films.

Q5: Keeping an eye on AI, with Jared Molko [interview]
by Carey Finn. This tech humanist is on a mission to raise awareness of the challenges that come with AI and automation.

The Martini Shot: Buyer, beware!
by Bobby Amm. We urge all clients and suppliers to carefully consider the credentials of companies they choose to work with.

Alastair Tempest on trust at the speed of the internet [interview]
by ORiSA. Alastair Tempest, Ecommerce Forum of Africa CEO, is a man on a mission. His goal is to increase shoppers’ trust in ecommerce and to drive the growth of online retail in Africa. Why? Because thriving B2C ecommerce typically precedes the big numbers that come in the form of B2B ecommerce.

Dear Radio: More standout campaigns from overseas
by Paulo Dias. Here are some clever radio ideas with which to challenge your radio supplier.

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