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#DesignIndaba25: Lots of lemonade, the odd porky
by Herman Manson. It’s not all about design; it’s about the creative process, too. In doing so, Design Indaba manages to differentiate itself properly from most of its competition.

Young, Gifted & Killing It: Thabang Moleya
by VeliNgubane. This award-winning director and entrepreneur, born and raised in Tembisa, is the co-founder of Seriti Films. We trace his love for films, from a young age to directing an international series featuring Brendan Fraser.

Extract: How To tangle with a Tiger — Sarah Ritchie on difficult clients
by Sarah Ritchie. "You’ll get the agency you deserve." For some marketers, that should be a scary thought.

On the Radar:

Constitution Hill to host 2020 Loeries
Macsteel appoints B2B agency
New chief people officer for Grey
New Accelerate Sport CEO

2020 IAB Bookmarks finalists
#CampaignRadar: Burger King's free 'Phil' burgers after grilling by journo
#ResearchRadar: Online ads to take over half of global adspend this year
#ResearchRadar: CEOs expected to communicate company values in media — survey
#MediaRadar: Cosmo SA launches Netflix issue

Brands & Branding: Exploring femvertising& brand resonance
by Mikayla Erasmus & Joe Mwase. Brands may play a part in social change by creating communications and messaging that empower women.

The Power Report: Please Retail SA, stop going all pseudo on us
by Megan Power. I’ve always hated made-up kids' names and it’s similar to how I feel about brands, especially those in the beauty and food industries, that try to impress by using inane descriptors to market their products.

By Invitation Only: cultural relevance — more than just a #hashtag
by Vikash Gajjar. It’s no longer enough for brands to just ‘join the conversation’ to up their cultural relevance. Brands need to stand up and stand for something.

Dear Radio: Disaster comms, industry layoffs & chasing chickens
by Paulo Dias. Here’s a scan of the news, stories and innovation that caught my eye from radio stations and groups around the world recently.

By Invitation Only: From the outside, looking in
by David Alves. Here are a few key engagement methodologies and tactics that will help you as an agency or supplier to nurture relationships with multiple clients while allowing yourself to be human.

Mission: Make work matter
by Tom Fels. Marketing can be the mouthpiece of brands manifesting change and championing the underserved, of embedding hope in the consciousness of society and creating purpose-led futures.

By Invitation only: Surviving the court of public opinion — the new age of crisis
by Candice Luis. Have companies considered their potential crises and are they truly ready to deal with the biggest brand crisis trajectory of all time: the court of public opinion?

SA TV Ratings: SABC 3 — primetime top 20 for Dec, Nov & Oct 2019

by MarkLives. The hottest primetime shows on SABC 3 in South Africa revealed: TV ratings for December, November and October 2019.

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