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#CannesLions: South Africa makes Direct, PR shortlists

by MarkLives. South Africa has no shortlisted entries in the Creative Data, Creative Strategy, Media and Social & Influencer categories but has made Direct and PR. It had no winners last night.

Young, Gifted & Killing It: Mashudu Modau
by Veli Ngubane. The entrepreneur and founder of podcast network Lutcha shares with us his entrepreneurship journey and his insights into the future of African media.

Q5: A matter of Pride, with Mark Runacus [interview]
by Carey Finn. Meet the chairperson of PrideAM, the world’s first LGBTQ network for advertising, UK industry veteran Mark Runacus, who shares insights into championing inclusivity and diversity.

The Martini Shot: Buyer, beware!
by Bobby Amm. We urge all clients and suppliers to carefully consider the credentials of companies they choose to work with.

An Accountant in Adland: Life hacks are strategies [S1 E5]
by Siwe Thusi. If you think about it, the life hacks that we use all the time are strategies.

The Power Report: Beware what you bury
by Megan Power. Organisations that choose to ‘hide’ will pay the price. Disrespected consumers don’t respond like benevolent grandmothers.

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