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#CoronavirusSA: South African adland followup survey
MarkLives and HaveYouHeard’s insights department are launching the second installment of our South African advertising communications services industry survey to track the impact of covid-19 upon you, your agency/company and the brands you manage. We ask readers to please participate.

By Invitation Only: CMOs, it’s time to roll up our sleeves
by Danni Dixon. There are things that we as marketers can focus on right now so that we can get ready to pivot our brand, products and business for growth.

Q5: Words for women, with Asante Blush founders [interview]
by Carey Finn. Cuma Pantshwa and Zama Nkosi-Mabuye, the power duo behind the female-focused marketing agency, chat about the why, what and how of their work.

On the Radar:

EXCLUSIVE: Retailers lead brand response to pandemic — survey
PRISM Awards 2020 winners
Demographica looking to invest in B2C agencies
Management changes at Fort


Herding Words: You’re the voice #CoronavirusSA
by Wendy Shepherd. I’m not an important person. What I do have though, as discovered very early one insomniac morning, is a voice. An ordinary voice in extraordinary times. It occurs to me that perhaps we need more of those right now.

The Power Report: It’s ok not to have all the answers #CoronavirusSA
by Megan Power. It’s human nature to want to sound knowledgeable; to be in control and, if we can’t, we need the assurance that someone else is. That’s not an easy ask now.

Fair Exchange: Rebalancing for branding post-covid-19
by Erna George. One phrase you may not have heard of is to “focus on the dance” and this is exactly what we as marketers and advertisers need to be doing at present.

“Virtual meetings” — WTF?!
by Leigh Tayler. Much has changed in a mindbogglingly short period of time, and one such thing is my latest WTF?! moment — the virtual meeting.

#CustomerFirst: Bundling up — the bad CX caused by unbundling
by Craig Hannabus. Many financial institutions are currently in the midst of a very interesting issue. For the longest time, they’ve been offering their services as separate products completely independent of one another... But unbundling is problematic on several fronts.

#Curiosity: Silence & sci-fi
by Marguerite Coetzee  Our acoustic environment is filled with soundmarks. These sonic facets of a community offer insight into the physical qualities of and social actors within a space.

#NotSoOrdinary: Humanity is the new currency
by Taazima Kala-Essack. Recently, I came across the sentiment ‘humanity is the new currency’ and it’s stuck with me in a way that none ever has.

SA TV Ratings: SABC 1 & SABC 2 — primetime top 20 for Mar 2020
by MarkLives. The hottest primetime shows on SABC 1 and SABC 2 in South Africa revealed: TV ratings for March 2020.

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