Have you stopped receiving our daily headline newsletter?

Dear Reader,

Over the past several months we have had ongoing problems with our bulk email sender, MailChimp. 

The essential problem is that some email service providers, particularly MWeb and government addresses, use a blacklisting service called UCE Protect which often blocks MailChimp's IP addresses. 

If this happens our daily headline newsletter - sent by us using MailChimp - will be rejected by UCE Protect (MWeb or and it will then bounce back to us. If this then occurs a few times in a row MailChimp will then automatically remove the affected subscriber from the mailing list. 

We are prohibited by MailChimp's rules from then reinstating, from our side, the affected subscriber. 

Both MailChimp and MWeb blame the other party for this problem, and despite innumerable appeals to both parties it remains unresolved. 

If you have subscribed to our newsletter, but have stopped receiving it, it is probably due to this problem. 

The remedy is simply, now and in the future, to go to our subscribe page (click here) and reinsert your details, and your subscription will be reactivated. If you have both an MWeb (or and Gmail email account we recommend that you switch across to the latter. 

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

With best regards,

James Myburgh
Publisher, Politicsweb