"I'm pregnant with Flabba's child!" – Daily Sun

"Paballo called the People’s Paper and wanted to tell her story" – front page lead, 17 September 2015

Daily Sun (17 September 2015) - AT FIRST she didn’t want the public or even Flabba’s family to know her secret.

But yesterday, she came to the People’s Paper with her amazing revelation.


“Flabba didn’t know I was pregnant with his child because I only found out after he died,” claimed 26-year-old Paballo Mohale from  Vosloorus, Ekurhuleni. She said she suspected she was pregnant when she started being sick in the morning.

She said she had four pregnancy tests which were all positive and then went to a doctor for confirmation. “They confirmed that I was pregnant,” she said.

When asked if she was sure the baby was truly Flabba’s child, Paballo said yes without hesitation. “We broke up in February last year but we got back together again in  October. During that time I was never with anybody else,” she claimed.

Heavily pregnant Paballo said she didn’t want her pregnancy to be publicised but a friend convinced her to do so.  “She has been telling me that we must go to Alexandra and inform the Habedis about my pregnancy,” she said. “My mother also said we must go and report to the family but I didn’t want to.”

She said she didn’t think it would be a good thing because they don’t know her and didn’t know they had been dating for two years.  “They only know Flabba’s wife and Sindisiwe,” she said.  She said it was entirely up to the Habedis whether or not they accept the child.  “I don’t want anything from them. I only want them to know that Flabba had another child.”

“I also grew up without a father because my father died when I was two years old. I will raise my child on my own,” she said.

She said Flabba was a wonderful man. “He treated me like a queen. I knew there was another girl in Flabba’s life but I just wanted to be with him.  “He told me he was going to marry me and we would have many children.”

Flabba’s mother told Daily Sun she didn’t know about Paballo. Family spokesman Nqaba Xulu confirmed they didn’t even know that Paballo existed.  “Its a shock to all of us,” he said, yesterday.

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